Zombie Burger… Yes it’s a Real Place

Friends and colleagues who are interested in writing more have asked me how I did, “x, y, and z” with my blog. Everything from pictures to layouts to signup boxes. I tell them that for me, it just took time. Little by little I added to the blog, created a new header, fixed up the side Facebook icon, small steps and over time it starts to actually look nice.

The same is true with subject matter. Originally I just wanted to write more so I decided I’d post something once in a while. That lasted about a day and then I realized I already had a few stories on my mind. Then I didn’t want to rush it so I decided to go with once a week. Then I thought of some ways to save on bills, so I added more. Since December, I’ve typically posted something about every Monday and Thursday. Twice a week isn’t so often to be a burden, but often enough to let people know you’re still around.

I’d like to continue to build on the blog and write a bit more, so I’m thinking of adding a Saturday post. For the moment maybe every other Saturday, and perhaps focused on a story or review from traveling.

Previously I’ve written about the Barclay Arrival Card and their community that allows you to earn free points by writing blog posts. By posting a couple paragraphs and some pictures, you earn miles that can be used to redeem on travel.

The posts don’t have to be massive in length, and are intended to let Barclay Arrival community members share travel stories and pictures. My posts are typically 75-100 words with a few pictures of the places I’ve visited. It’s meant as an initial introduction to a travel location or restaurant with a quick preview of what to expect. What I’d like to do as I grow my blog is grab some of the stories and pictures I share on the Barclay Arrival community and share them here. I’ll plan on posting on Saturdays to start.


The first one I’ll write about is “Zombie Burger” which is a well known restaurant in downtown Des Moines. Enjoy!

“Zombie Burger”… A zombe themed restaurant? Crazy but true. This spot in Des Moines, Iowa features shakes and burgers with clever names such as, “The Undead Elvis,” and “The Walking Ched.” A great place with great atmosphere. The food is excellent and can be customized in hundreds of ways. Most times I order my burger with no bun and sub in portabello mushrooms for the bread. I’d highly recommend it if you’re passing through Iowa’s capital city. It’s got a great selection of drinks and sides as well. Some of the shakes include cinnamon toast crunch cereal, crunch berries, or chocolate cake. It’s also open late so it’s a great spot to meet up with people after a night out.