Excellent Customer Service with Delta Airlines

It costs significantly more, in terms of money, time and lost opportunity; to acquire a new customer as opposed to keeping an existing customer. That’s why I can never understand companies that seem indifferent to their customers, especially those who are longstanding customers.

While a few days ago I posted about Delta damaging a checked bag for the 3rd time in the last four or five tries, ¬†for the most part I’ve had good experiences with them. I’ve been flying Delta for quite some time and it’s the airline that I strongly prefer, despite them recently de-valuing their rewards program. Unless the cost of a flight has a major difference, or I can get a good deal or use a rewards card with a different airline, I typically use Delta.

I’ve always been treated very well. I have their American Express Loyalty card and would recommend it for anyone looking to pick up some extra perks and discounts on their flights. Delta has always been on top of its game when it comes to responding to issues or conflicts, at least as far as I’ve been a customer. On one of my flights before Christmas the plane was delayed for a few hours. It made me end up missing my connecting flight into Boston, and I had to re-book with Delta. The next day I got an email from Delta regarding the major delay.

delta airlines customer service

This is how you do business, and how you keep customers. Every business has problems and makes mistakes. As a customer, I realize that. What’s important is how that business recognizes and reconciles those problems and mistakes. Providing small credits and coupons is a great tool a business can use. Delta’s 2,500 free miles equates to about $25.00. That’s no where near enough for a free flight, so by giving me $25, Delta guarantees that for me to use it, I’ll have to buy another flight. Just a few days later, and the miles were in my account as promised.

delta airlines customer service

It’s a small gesture, but Delta reached out to me without me even having to contact them. That makes me feel valued as a customer and makes me want to continue giving them my business. Delta airlines customer service scores an A+ on this round.