Where to do Yoga in Playa del Coco Costa Rica

I’m here in Costa Rica for about a month. My base of operations is Playa del Coco, on the west coast of the country. I wanted to take the month to relax, and get back into some clean eating habits and a good fitness routine while I was in one place for a month straight. I found a great place to practice yoga that just opened a couple of weeks ago.


I wanted to improve some my flexibility and some shoulder soreness I’ve been struggling with for a while so I looked for a place to do yoga.

I’ve done exactly one yoga class in my life, and that was just a few months ago so I have very little experience with it. It was absolutely a workout though, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

So when I found a place that was just a few minute walk from my condo, I knew I had to check it out. Shantishala Yoga has been open for just a couple of weeks.

Shantishala has two large rooms and is a spacious location near the “Las Palmas” community in Playa del Coco. One room if reserved for the office/storefront.

yoga in playa del coco costa rica

And the other for the yoga room/studio. It’s an open room with fans and an AC unit. A couple of times a week, the studio holds an evening “Candle Light” yoga session completely with some electric lights and (yep) candles.

yoga in playa del coco costa rica

The studio is owned by Jenny, who is very help and went over the different pricing options for me. In addition to owning Shantishala, Jenny instructs a number of the sessions, along with other trainers, and they last about one hour.

Classes cost $12, or you can buy a 5 session package for $50 to save you some money. There’s another option though, which is $108 for a monthly session. If you’re planning on going even every other day or so, that’s a huge savings.

I wasn’t sure if I could go every day, but I knew I wanted to go as much as I was physically able during the month I was here, so I grabbed the monthly pass.

So far so good. I grabbed a membership last week and have gone a few times since then. It might possible be in my head, but I feel my shoulder pain lessening and my flexibility increasing.

The studio is a nice space and there’s no charge to rent a yoga mat if you need one. Jenny is exceptionally friendly and very welcoming, and I’ve enjoyed all of the trainers who’ve I’ve attended a class with.

If you are spending some time in Playa del Coco, Costa Rica and are looking for a place to do Yoga, stop by Shantishala Yoga.