What Do Ants Taste Like?

One of the friendly locals I stayed with in Brazil prepared a favorite dish for me. The bodies of large ants, cooked and joined with other ingredients. So what’s the verdict?What do ants taste like? For the ones I had, they tasted mostly like un-popped popcorn kernals, not really good or bad either way. Just different and a bit almost crunchy. Eating ants???? You might say…

I’m a big believer that food plays an immensely important part of culture. That’s one of the beauties of traveling. You don’t merely want to visit the old churches and museums in another country, you want to experience the food that makes those people who they are.

And yes, sometimes these foods are different. Sometimes they are not what we might be used to. But that’s what makes travel so great, getting to see the world as other people see it. Or in this case, getting to taste the world as they taste it.

No, that’s not dirt in the picture. I didn’t just stick my hand into an anthill and pull out a handful of bugs. In addition to the ant bodies, that’s a seasoning my host added.

Screenshot 2015-03-23 at 9.18.19 AM