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Crossfit Nano’s

Crossfit currently has the 4.0 version of their “Nano’s” workout shoes, made by Reebok. I picked up the 3.0 version of these a couple of years ago and loved them. I still have them and still use them. The shoes have less of a lift to the back heel and more of a flat stance. I’ve found this to be most helpful when improving the weight I can lift and my balance. If you’re looking for a good workout shoe I’d recommend giving the Nano’s a look.

ReebokReebok Outlet

I’ve had good experiences with Reebok athletic gear and clothing, not only on Crossfit gear and apparel. I’ve also been able to find good stuff at good prices by checking out Reebok’s Outlet section of their website, which often hosts bigger sales and discounts and items that a still great quality, just may not be brand new.




Below are products or supplements I’ve personally used and recommend.

Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout Mix

I don’t drink coffee and am not a huge proponent of using extensive powders, pills or mixes before or during a workout. So I was impressed when I found a pro-workout drink mix that could be mixed with water, tasted good and wasn’t too heavy or intense. I used to take a different pre-workout drink mix from a well known company but found it to be too heavy, messed with my stomach, and often made me nauseous. Cellucor’s pre-workout mix works great and gives me a burst of energy during my exercise. It comes in different flavors and it’s not expensive. I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a good pre-workout mix.