“The Three Types of Freedom”- via Paula Pant

Shared from Paula Pant of AffordAnything.com


“Unfortunately, there’s one limit that we can never shatter: our time on this planet. Time is our most limited, and therefore our most valuable, possession.

Yet the majority of us are trading that precious resource, time, for something that’s near-infinite in quantity, money.

That’s unsustainable. Keep it up, and we’ll exhaust our supply of time.

But there is a way out.”


You can always get more money. You can never get more time.


The above is a segment from a fantastic post by Paula Pant of Afford Anything. Paula touches on the broad topics that I’ve blogged about; money, time management, and travel. She’s built up a great following and I make sure to check out her blog as often as I can. Her post, “The Three Types of Freedom” is one of my favorites, and one I agree with wholeheartedly, so I’m sharing it here. It’s a must read. Click here to read her full post and her thoughts on the three different types of freedom: Debt, Location and Financial.