The Riverboat Gambling Boat (kind of) through the D.C. Fireworks

Every July 4th, one of the companies I used to work for sponsors a riverboat cruise on the Potomac around Washington, DC. Taking off from “Old Town” Alexandria, the boat is modeled after an 1880’s gambling riverboat. Picture something from the movie, “Maverick” with Mel Gibson and that’s what you have. It’s complete with the big water wheel on the back and everything.


I’m a former staff member of the organization and this is one of my favorite times. I call it, “My favorite thing of all things.” I still keep in contact and have friends who work there and handle all the events. They do an absolutely fantastic job and deserve a tremendous amount of credit. Everything seems to go off without a hitch.

The fantastic events team.

The fantastic events team.

It’s a great time with food and drinks, and it’s a great way to touch base with friends, many of whom I haven’t seen since the last cruise a year prior. The boat goes out into the heart of the Potomac to watch the official Washington DC fireworks.


And then a hidden gem, I think my favorite part is actually the trip back to harbor. As the boat heads back, fireworks go off from towns and counties across the metro area. If you’ve ever seen the movie, “Das Boot” when the sub is headed through the Straight of Gibralter, it reminds me exactly of that.


The boat is named, “The Cherry Blossom” and the staff always do a fantastic job.


4th of July in Washington, DC is one of my favorite places to be. Complete with bbq, fireworks and a riverboat cruise, the day seems to have it all. It’s a tremendously good time and something I look forward to whenever I am able to make it.