The Ledge of the Grand Canyon

It’s Saturday, so a quick post on a story from traveling.

“Want to go to the Grand Canyon?” A question from a friend was all the motivation I needed. She was taking a vacation with family in Arizona so we decided to meet up around Phoenix. It was about a four hour drive each way to the the Grand Canyon. No deterrent at all.

It was an easy drive and I was actually surprised at all the forrest we drove through. I was expecting nothing but desert from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon but didn’t realize how different some of the climate and temperature would be.

Parking and then taking the shuttle bus to the first stop gives you a general view of the sights and the canyon. But stepping off the bus at the first stop and walking up to the railing, wow.

It was surreal. Not only is it so large and expansive, but it almost looks fake. It’s difficult to describe without being there.  You’re looking out at the view and it appears as if someone plastered a poster in front of you. The background and color scheme of the rocks, sand and sky merge together to make it look almost two dimension. It really is difficult to describe and even a few hours later when talking with my friend’s parents, I couldn’t really put it into words. The best example  can give is the statement above, it looks like someone stuck a giant paper posted in front of you and you’re looking at that.

I didn’t know what to expect, and if the Grand Canyon would be everything people say it is or just a nice day trip to pickup tourists. Wow. It’s worth every bit of the time it takes to get there. Go. You won’t regret it.