Superb Service at the Westin in Alexandria, Virginia

I had to be In the DC metro area for the 4th of July holiday weekend for business, and wanted a nice hotel close to public transportation and major roads. I’d stayed before at the Westin in Alexandria, Virginia and been impressed. However because I knew it was a nice place, coupled with the holiday, I didn’t think I’d want to splurge.

The Westin in Alexandria, Virginia

Imagine my surprise then when I was able to grab a room for just $90 a night. I searched through a few different search engines and checked out which was currently offering the lowest price. I booked a three day stay for $313 including all tax. When it was time to checkout and I needed to stay a fourth night, I was able to grab that one for $125. Not quite the steal I’d gotten previously, but still respectable.

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I’m never certain just how to “review” a hotel as I’ve typically treated them like I do my room on a cruise ship. If the room is just for sleeping, do I really need all the extra bells and whistles? It’s funny how as you get older and your perspectives change, you appreciate extra things though. This hotel had them, and what absolutely stood out to me, and has every time I’ve been there, has been the staff.

Arriving at the hotel, I thought my only option was going to be the $26 a night valet parking. “Ugh” I thought to myself. Sure I’d saved a bunch on the room, but to give that all back on parking… And the DC area is world famous for its parking situation (it’s bad) so I wasn’t interested in driving two miles away just to have to talk back to the hotel each day.

But instead, I pulled up and the valet on duty relayed my a few options, one of which was informing me that street parking was free for the extended weekend, (despite what the signs said to the contrary. Thanks for the helpful instructions as always to our beloved government.) and that there were spots right next to the hotel. I got back in my car, turned the corner, and found a spot (and I continued to find spots all weekend, spending nothing on parking.)

I grabbed my bag from the car, came back to the hotel and happily tipped him for his honesty and helpfulness. (Dear Westin Hotel Execs, if you stumble upon this review, sure his honesty may have cost the hotel $75 or so in parking, but I believe professional treatment like that will keep people coming back (especially those like me who travel extensively for business.) I’m even more inclined to give the Westin my money after a positive experience like that.

The Westin in Alexandria, Virginia

Walking into a hotel after spending $0 on parking is always a good way to start a trip.


“Adrien” checked me in and was helpful and beyond friendly. Great experience.

Later that night I had trouble with the business center and despite being charged $7.50 for service, was not able to get what I wanted.” I came down to the desk and “Dag” apologized that they went through a third party company and I’d have to call directly to get the refund. Worried I’d be spending 30 minutes on the phone with someone who I’d have to provide mountains of evidence to, I called anyway. But within a few minutes I’d given them my receipt number and they wiped out the charge.

I then asked Dag if he could help me print a word document. He gave me his email address, I emailed it to him, and within two minutes he’d gone in the back and emerged with two copies of the document.

The Westin in Alexandria, Virginia

A clean and welcoming lobby with lots of comfortable places to sit.

The Hotel was clean and the price was reasonable. But what stood out the most was the exceptional service I received from all the staff. Treatment like that is what will attract customers to keep coming back, and as someone who needs to travel to the DC metro area for business now and again, it will definitely keep me coming back to the Westin in Alexandria.