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Are you ready to LIVE your life, not just survive it?

Excellent. Then, we’re going to get along just fine. Welcome. I’m Steve Bierfeldt and this is my personal blog/website. I’m going to help you completely master the aspects of your life: Mental, Physical, Financial, Spiritual and Experiential.

Some background info on me, after 10 years in a career of politics, I decided I knew what I did NOT want to do with my life. So I left my career and took a year to travel the world. Across multiple jobs and the years that have come with them, I’ve gained valuable experience on making money, getting fit, learning new skills, worrying less, cutting costs, saving for the future and setting (and reaching) amazing goals… just to name a few things…

If you’d like, you read a bit more about me. But this isn’t about me, it’s about YOU. This is about how YOU can achieve your goals, and achieve freedom in your daily life FOR GOOD. You don’t need to sit at the same desk in the same office for the next 30 years. You don’t need to struggle everyday to get by. And you don’t need to wish and hope that your life long dreams will just magically happen. I’m here to tell you it it’s possible. I’m here to help you achieve it.

“Live Smart” and Challenge Yourself

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I’m firm believer that too many people find themselves just going through the motions in today’s world. Going from day to day, week to week, month to month, more so just SURVIVING their lives and not really LIVING them.

So often we’re told to “Work, work, work. Get through school, go to college, get married, work, work, work, buy physical things that will surely make you happy, take the weekend off to decompress, work, work, work, get a mortgage, have kids, work, work, work, take a week off a year and maybe go on vacation to a beach or theme park, work, work, work, retire at 65 or 70 and THEN relax, travel and enjoy yourself.”

Let me break some bad news to you. You have no idea what the future holds. You might not be living at 65 or 70. Your spouse may not be living at 65 or 70. You could be too old or sick or infirmed to physically walk up the steps to the airplane to take you to Europe, much less walk across Europe.

On my site I provide the advice, the tools, and the motivation to take charge of your life and live like you SHOULD, and not how the culture claims you must. And whether that’s taking on a new job, traveling to a new country, saving money so you can retire early or start a location independent business you work at from anywhere in the world. There’s a plan for it. And I’ll show you.

And whether you are a student entering college, a young professional working long hours for little pay, a stay at home parent, a middle aged blue collar worker, or maybe getting close to retirement, I’m here to tell you that all of the things I list on this site… ALL OF THEM… can work for you.[/text_block]

My Method:
Mastering the 5 Aspects of Your Life

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The idea of improving your life and being smart about living encompasses many different aspects. However from my experience in living, working and observing countless others, I’ve identified what I call “The 5 Aspects of Your Life.” By grouping your goals, hopes, dreams, strengths and even fears into one of these categories, you’ll be able to take charge of your life and lead it to the fullest.


  • Mental

    Learn a skill, try a new trade, master a language. Increase your knowledge and improve your mind. Sharpening your mental capabilities will strengthen your brain and enable you to reach even more of your goals in the future.

  • Physical

    There are no limits to this and the best part is you only need to compare yourself to yourself. Improving your physical self with a proper diet, exercise and even getting more sleep, will bring about improvements right away and lead to literally decades of a better quality of life.

  • Financial

    Your goals related to finance can be extremely long term or extremely immediate. Whether you want to earn more, cut expenses, begin investing, or plan for the future, there’s a path that will help you get there and achieve success.

  • Spiritual

    Regardless of your religion or lack of religion, the “spiritual” aspect of your life is vital. Think of spiritual goals as being tied to your psyche. It can be defined by religion, but for some the two are not connected. Whether you want to better understand your faith or your purpose in the world, repair a friendship, or have deeper conversations with others.

  • Experiential

    The other four have obvious applications and clear definitions but this one is just as important. I call it “Experiential” because it’s based on achieving experiences that will build your confidence and give you lasting memories. Get a new job, travel the world, achieve your life’s dream… What is it you’ve always wanted to do? You can literally do anything you want with your entire life… Why would you waste a single second doing something else?

Here’s How We’ll Change Your Life

  • #1 – Define the Tools of Freedom

    Just as there are 5 aspects that govern our lives, I’ve identified 5 tools we use to achieve the success and freedom that we desire. I call these simply “The 5 Tools of Freedom.” These are the methods we use to grant us freedom and improve the aspects of our lives. Click here to learn how to master the five tools.

  • #2 – Via the Blog

    For the longest time I’d heard positive feedback from friends and co-workers each time I’d give them a tip to save time, make money or improve an aspect of their life. “You know Steve that was really helpful, you should write that down or blog about it and share it with more people. Until one day I did, and my blog was born.

  • #3 – Content, Guides and Resources

    In addition to the blog, I release checklists, guides and resource lists and publish them here on the website. I’ve grouped many of them together into my Tools and Resources page. And whether it be a list of ways to start your own blog or business, or how to save money on your next vacation, I offer a ton of free guidance that can easily be found on the pages of this site.

  • #4 – The Email Newsletter

    Join with other email subscribers for my once in a while email newsletter in which I deliver some of the most recent articles from the blog as well as add additional, exclusive content not found on the website. On occasion I’ll create a guide or walk-through which can only be received by being an email subscriber. It’s 100% free, so click here to subscribe.

  • #5 – Social Networks

    Make sure you follow me on twitter, instagram, and facebook to catch the latest news, info, or pictures that may only appear on social media. This is especially helpful when I post flash sales or last minute deals for flights and travel promotions that may only last a day or even a few hours. I’ve scored absolutely amazing discounted plane tickets all over the world, but these go fast! Follow me on social media and you’ll see these when I do.

  • #6 – Private Coaching & Individual Consulting

    Across my career, my fields of study, and sometimes just my hobbies, I’ve picked up the skills and experience that have served me well and allowed me to live a life that gives me the freedom to do the things I love.

    Whether your interest lies in tackling your debt, assembling a fitness plan, becoming a better public speaker, learning a new skill, making more money, gaining confidence, or traveling the world, those are just a few of the things I’m well versed in. I’ve offered personalized, 1 on 1 coaching sessions in which I’ve covered these topics.

    I’ve helped many people conquer their fears, get their lives back on track and start living life to the fullest and I’m confident I can do the same for you. Click here to learn more about a private consulting session.

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You Won’t Have to Do This Alone

In just the last year alone I’ve traveled to more than 20 countries, started a business, used travel points to take a free Caribbean cruise, bought a house, run a half marathon and added more than 100 hours of free time to my life.

Over many years of my education, career, and personal study I’ve developed the tools that have helped me take hold of life and provide myself the freedom to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Now it’s my turn to show you how. First I’ll send you my quick walk-through on mastering what I call, “The 5 Tools of Freedom.”

Click the button below and let’s get to work.

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Let’s master every aspect of your life

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