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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Interested in starting your own blog or website? It’s not as tough as you think. Here I’ve listed some of the tools and resources I’ve used (and for many still do use) on the blogs and web businesses I run.[/text_block]
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grasshopper-group1A perfect way to have a professional phone system for your business, without actually having to pay for a pricey professional phone system. Grasshopper allows you to to set up a custom local or toll-free phone number for your business and the calls forward to your cell phone without your customers knowing the difference. You can even have custom greetings, specialized voice mails, separate departments, and extensions for employees. Whether you’re just a one man shop or you have a a physical store or business location, you can get rid of expensive land line systems and just use your cell phone. Low prices, professional service and no long term contracts. I’d definitely recommend Grasshopper.[/text_block]

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Republic Wireless

I switched my cell phone to Republic Wireless about a year and I’ve never looked back. If you’re looking to dramatically cut your mobile phone bill, you absolutely need to check out what Republic Wireless is doing. My cell phone bill in the United is $10 a month. $10… I know people who are paying 10x that. At one time I was paying more than 10x that. And while I’m traveling in other countries I can use my phone to make and take calls and texts over a wi-fi network with friends and family back home. The cost? $5 a month. Seriously. Make the switch now and you can easily save $1,000 a year on your cell phone bill.[/text_block]