Running through Disney World at Dawn

They set off fireworks for me as I ran through Disney World just before daybreak!

Well, not just for me…
As I write this, I just finished running a 5k through Epcot at Disney World during theDisney World Marathon Weekend in Orlando, Florida! Wow, what an experience!
Here I am with some family who joined me for the race.

Here I am with some family who joined me for the race.

Third Half Marathon, Second at Disney
I ran the half marathon at the Disney World marathon weekend this time last year, which followed my first half a few months before. One of my goals for 2014 was to improve my half-marathon time. And while technically we’re into 2015, I knew I’d be taking part again so I’d tied this race into one of my final goals for the 2014 year.
In addition to the half-marathon I’ll be running on Saturday morning, I decided this year to also run the 5k. They Disney World marathon weekend actually features four races: a 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon. Running in all four is called, “The Dopey Challenge.” That’s a lot of running, so one step at a time. Just the 5k and half for me this year.