Rudolph Was Delicious

While en route from Seward to Denali National Park, our bus stopped for an hour in Anchorage. Walking around town, I came across a food cart and saw they were offering, “Reindeer Dogs.” SOLD! I want to say I’ve had Reindeer before, maybe in some type of jerky, however I wanted to try as many different foods in Alaska as possible that either wouldn’t be available in the rest of the country, or when available, wouldn’t be as good/fresh.


I found, “Mon Cherie” a food cart at the corner of 5th and G Street in Anchorage.┬áCherie” (I think that was her name) was more than happy to oblige for a photo. I told her I’d post it on my blog and encourage those in Anchorage to stop by. Her Facebook page is here and this was her first year with the stand.


Served just like a hot dog (she also had beef and chicken dogs available), the reindeer dog was fantastic. It was $6 for a large dog, and onions and toppings available as well. For the size of the dog, the quickness it served and being in Alaska (expect to pay a bit more for most things), I thought the price was fair. I grabbed one and sat down to eat.

It didn’t last long though and after finishing I realized.. “Yea… I’m going to have another one.” I grabbed another and a bottle of water and enjoyed it. For $13 I got to try a food I’d never had before, they tasted great, and I left filling full. Definitely a good deal.


She’s located at 5th and G Street in Anchorage through the next couple weeks of September. I didn’t get a chance to try the poutine but she mentioned that’s what she was known for. The Reindeer dog was great however and if you’re looking to try Reindeer, this was definitely a great introduction with a delicious meal I’d highly recommend. As I said, it was a reasonable price for a great tasting meal, and I definitely didn’t walk away feeling hungry.