Restaurant Review: Humpy’s in Anchorage

During my most recent trip to Alaska, I visited Anchorage to bookend my visit. A couple of year prior my sister had visited Anchorage and she recommended¬†Humpy’s Great Alaskan Alehouse. It’s located at¬†610 W 6th Ave.¬†Anchorage, AK 99501

My brother and I stopped in during our first full night in Anchorage, and enjoyed it. We then came back the night we left.


A huge beer selection. Even though we went around dinner time both visits, we were carded.

Even though it serves regular dinner, there seems to be a “21 or older” rule. We were asked for ID upon both visits, despite coming just for dinner. I also did not see any children or teenagers in the place.


A picture of my dinner. Because apparently I’m that guy who does that now.

For our first visit we went with the King Crab legs. Because if you’re going to splurge for fresh, King Crab legs anywhere, it’s probably going to be in Alaska. The cost was $50, which wasn’t unexpected, but still a good amount to drop on a couple of crab legs and some bread/side. I will say though, even though it was “only” two crab legs, they were HUGE. There was a ton of meat in each one, and coupled with a cup of butter, it may be enough to fill you up, especially if you’re not a huge eater. Not only were they big, but they were fantastic.


I ended up also getting a crab salad sandwich. (Because I can eat a lot). The crab salad was good, but not spectacular. The dressing/mayo they used gave the crab a sweet taste. It was a definite contrast from the buttery taste of the pure crab (and butter) from the crab legs. It was good, but nothing that stood out, though I could tell it was extremely fresh.


If you come with a group of 3 or 4, consider getting this.

Man vs. Food taped an episode here, and Humpy’s is complete with a Wall of Fame where you can get your picture taken if you finish it within an hour. Beat the record of just under 13 minutes and it’s free.

I’m not a fan of speed eating. Though I can eat a lot, I like to enjoy it. Though when seeing this, I thought that a group of 3 or 4 people might consider ordering this and then just eating it as a normal meal without the contest. For $160 you get crab nuggets, reindeer sausage, side dishes, dessert AND three pounds of King Crab legs. If your group of 3-4 were to come in and want King Crab, you’d be spending $50 for just one pound, or $150 for three pounds. But for $160 you’d get the same three pounds plus everything else listed. For your value, this would be a better deal and your group would get more food.

The Return

On our last day in Alaska, our flight left at 1am so we stopped for dinner in Anchorage before heading to the airport. It was labor day so every place was either packed, had a long wait, or was super expensive. So we stopped by Humpy’s again.


That’s not crackers sprinkled on top, it’s actually crumpled salmon.

I ordered a Salmon Chowder, which I thought was just okay. It was very fishy, which with Salmon wasn’t expected and I usually don’t mind, but together with the salmon pieces on top, I thought was a bit too much. Okay, but not something I’d recommend.


Spongebob knows his stuff.

But what came next made up for it. I got the “Crabby Patty Melt” which I absolutely would recommend. This was cheeseburger but with crab, breadcrumbs, and spices instead of beef. It was fantastic and VERY filling. I couldn’t believe how full I felt about halfway through this. It was a large burger, tasted amazing and a very good price at about 15 bucks. If you’re not in the mood for Crab legs or not looking to spend $50 or more, the Crabby Patty Melt is a must.

Overall I’d definitely head back again. It wasn’t too loud, even though there was a good amount going on and the place was packed both times. The food was fantastic and the service was friendly. Humpy’s in Anchorage is a definite thumb’s up.