The 10 Step Guide to Raise Money Immediately

This will work whether you want to raise money for a job, upstart small business, church, charity, personal cause or political candidate.

In just a few minutes you'll know 10 simple steps that high-dollar fundraisers use to raise millions.

I've personally used the steps in this guide to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars via 1-on-1 meetings.

It won't take long to read, but it will produce immediate fundraising results.

  • Brief and simple to read. Finish it on your lunch break.
  • Step 1. "Decide how serious you are. It's important to..."
  • Step 2. "Make a list of contacts. Once you've..."
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I've personally raised hundreds of thousands of dollars via 1 on 1 meetings using the techniques in this quick guide. Plus I've used it to train doctors, businessmen and even U.S. Congressmen how to raise money FAST!

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