Product Review: Colgate Wisp

I came across the Colgate Wisp a few months back and decided to pick up a couple packages. The premise is pretty simple. A small, disposable toothbrush with the toothpaste built into the head. No water is necessary, so just open it up, brush for a minute and your mouth is clean.


After forgetting about these in my bathroom drawer I finally made it a point to take them on a weekend business trip. After using them a few times, overall my recommendation is that they are not worth a purchase and you should examine other options. The size is what originally caught my eye. Travel packing is all about downsizing and their small stature and built in toothpaste made them appealing. The thought of ditching my regular sized toothbrush, long toothbrush case and a pack of toothpaste was intriguing.


The brush themselves though are not a “brush” like your normal toothbrush but are plastic bristles. The feel is similar to the top of the can on the “all in one” shoe polish kits you buy. The plastic bristle cap is right on the can of polish and you just use that instead of a regular brush. Unfortunately these plastic bristles are just not a match for a regular brush. The consistency and pressure you can put on your teeth isn’t really enough to get them clean. The Wisp is better than nothing, but not strong enough to really “Brush” your teeth, rather just strong enough to brush over them. I also thought the size of the brush would not be a problem, but it’s a bit too small to get a hold on it and use any leverage to brush your teeth. Coupled with the fact that the brushes can only be used once, and I’d pass on these.

Overall if you’re absolutely strapped for space and you’re just able to bring a single wisp, then maybe it’s worth picking up. But I’d certainly not be inclined to pack one single mini brush and get it dirty in my bag, so at the least I’d want to bring a back of unopened Wisps. If that’s the case then a package of Wisps really isn’t that small and you could use other means without having to utilize too much room. I’d recommend testing out a folding or collapsable toothbrush with a travel size of toothpaste. I didn’t find the Wisps to provide anything outstanding that couldn’t be achieved via other means and I would not recommend buying them.