Part II: “Why Public Storage Lost My Business”

Back in December I wrote about my interaction with Public Storage, and my storage unit in Virginia. I’d had a storage unit for about two years, keeping items from my old apartment as well as some personal possessions. At $93 a month the sheer cost was just too high. I was attempting to downgrade to a smaller unit or work out a better deal while still giving Public Storage my business. However I was hitting brick walls on all fronts. No employee seemed willing or able to give me answer or work with me on price. I offered to keep giving Public Storage my business and asked for any help I could get to encourage me to remain a customer. I got nothing. So I decided to switch my business to someone else.

Since that post some friends have asked me why I still have a storage unit at all. With all the moving around I’ve done over the last few years and with some items unable to be left with friends or family, a storage unfortunately is my only option right now. Quite simply there’s no way around not having one, at least at this time.


Uncle Bob to the Rescue

So I did some research, made some calls and found a storage company located not too far from my old one, at and less than half the price, (about $46 a month.) Over a couple of phone calls they were quite helpful in getting me set up. While in Virginia taking care of somethings a few days before Christmas, a friend and I moved the items from one to the other. In addition I downsized and threw out about half the items and found some things I’d been looking for. Funny enough as I was placing things into the dumpster at Public Storage their desk employee came out, “You’re not filling up the dumpster are you?” An interesting question, as the dumpster is there specifically for paying customers. “Oh.. nope,” I said as I threw another box into the dumpster. A strange company indeed.

I also found some items I knew I’d later be able to sell, making for some extra cash. When I drove over to the new unit, the set up was smooth and quick. Uncle Bob’s acted professionally and I’m glad to give them my business, (and at have the price as Public Storage.)

While my goal would still be to not have a storage unit, my interaction with Public Storage had given me the push I needed to re-evaluate just what I was paying for. For two years I had just let things go because it was, “easy” not to think about it, price out other options or try to find a better way. Plus I was a thousand miles away at least. But by sitting down and finally taking upon myself to change units, I’ll save almost $50 a month. That’s how public storage lost my business.

As of this post I’ve already saved more than $280 and I’ll save more than $550 for the year, just by re-arranging items from one place to the other. That’s more than $550 that I’ll have to devote to savings, things I truly need, or in my case, my goal to save for my year long Around the World trip!