Guest Post: Organize Your Garage

Modernize is a free referral service for consumers needing home improvement services. They place a strong focus on budget living and cutting expenses. Below is a guest post from Jane Blanchard of on tips to organize your garage and remove some of the clutter from your life.

A garage can quickly become an all-purpose catchall for clutter when left on its own. One of the most difficult chores of organizing a garage is finding solutions that actually work in a small space. Many homeowners may find it surprising how many everyday objects can quickly organize a garage.

Create separate storage stations

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Zoning a garage into stations has several advantages. It reduces clutter and provides easier access to projects and tasks. Gardeners will appreciate a separate gardening station for all those small projects outside.

Good placement of stations and zones are close to utility doors. They are also located centrally along the walls away from the obstruction of bins and cars. Grouping like items can also avoid unnecessary duplication of items.

Raise it higher

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Garages typically have a considerable amount ceiling waste. Installing overhead racks to hold bins and equipment can dramatically increase floor space.

Overhead storage units can be self-contained. If you’re adventurous enough with woodworking, bins can be raised and lowered using a pulley system.

This system makes it easy and creative for reaching objects without the need for a ladder. Be sure the garage door allows for ample room overhead.

Use the Versatility of Peg Boards

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Small hand tools often fall to the side in the clutter of a garage. One clever way to keep track of those small screwdrivers and stray screw is to install pegboards along the walls.

Peg board clamps and inserts can hold everything from small screw bins to heavy bicycles. The pegs allow for versatility in combinations and replacement as storage zones change. Peg boards also add considerable visual appeal for workshop areas.

They come in a variety of styles to handle different levels of weight depending on the material.

Maximize Plastic Bins

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Plastic bins have a great deal of flexibility in the garage. Their clever attractiveness goes beyond typical storage in a corner.

Storage bins can be stored overhead in sliding rack systems. They can be stacked strategically with a color coding system for seasonal decor or different types of equipment.

Re-Purpose Racks and Shelving



Floating shelves and French cleat hanging bars create a custom look on a minimal budget. Small shoe racks and metal baskets can store small items such as paint cans and cleaning supplies easily.

Most French cleat hangers create a seamless floating effect that can be positioned on a bare wall or pegboard.

Thanks to Jennifer Blanchard of Modernize for some helpful advice on how to better organize your garage and remove clutter from your home. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out