On the Waterfront… In Old Town Alexandria

During my trip through Washington DC, I stopped in the “Old Town” section of Alexandria. Old Town is a stretch of about a mile of cafes, shops, and more antique stores than you could ever want. It’s funny to see every other store selling some type of china, or oriental rug, or glass vase.

The mile or so strip leads down to the waterfront, where there’s even more activity. A classic trolley runs back and forth and on weekends in the summer, the area is packed with vendors and performers.


From guys making balloon animals and caricature drawings, to musicians just picking up their violin or guitar and playing, the place is buzzing with excitement.


Here’s a guy playing music by spinning his hands on the rims of glasses. I’d never actually seen that in person, just on television. Wow. It’s unreal that it’s even possible, but I watched for a good while and this guy was great.


Even though it was July, having lived in a freezing cold climate for the last two years really makes you appreciate days like this. Whenever I’m passing through the DC area on a summer weekend, I do try to stop in Old Town and catch a “show” so to speak.