On “The Front Porch” in West Virginia

On way out east for the 4th of July Holiday, I stopped for lunch in a small town in West Virginia called, “Seneca Rocks,” it’s name coming from the one of the images you see below. “I’ll stop at the next place to eat I see,” was my thought, and when I saw a sign for the “Front Porch Restaurant”. I knew I had my spot.

When traveling it’s always my high preference to avoid the chain restaurants or brand name places. Instead I’m a big believer than food plays as large a part of culture as anything else.


Situated right about a general store with a couple of old rickey doors leading the way, one flight of stairs took me to a small restaurant with a simple menu. The inside seating area was small, but a nice outdoor patio seemed to be what attracted the crowds.


A gorgeous view of Seneca Rocks was your treat for something in, and though it was nice around lunch time, my thought is that early morning our around dusk probably gives the nicest presentation.


Courtesy of Pendleton County, West Virginia

A clever placemat was handed out to me featuring common sayings or “Mountain Talk” that the locals used.


A number of them I was aware of. In fact I was surprised that I’d heard quite a few, “I’m a’fixin to do something,” or “I just plum forgot.”



I grabbed a reuben sandwich with some chips and a pickle and for the price, it was a good place to stop. If you’re passing through here, check out the general store which I didn’t have time to stop at, and make sure you take a moment to enjoy the view.