3 Things That Stand Out at Elvis Presley’s Graceland

A little bit back, (but not too far back) I was finishing up a business trip to Memphis, Tennessee.

Photo Credit: Robert Scales via Compfight cc

For this trip the company rented out parts of the Elvis museum for a private event, featuring food and a band. Private tours of Graceland, Elvis Presley’s home, were even offered so of course I went to check it out.


1. The house isn’t that big.

By standards of the time, it was probably a good size, thought from what many of us are used to for celebrities today, it’s not even close. We’re so numb to hearing about celebrities buying 10 million dollar houses on 100 acres of land, and we assume that’s how it’s always been. The house isn’t tiny, but it certainly doesn’t scream out “Rich and famous.”

2. There’s no consistency in the design.

You’ll notice as soon as you step foot in the house that each room is different than the next. From bright blue and gold plating to dark browns for the “Jungle Room.” Each room had a bit of a different vibe to it.

large-3 large-2


The guide on the our explained this, how it fit in with Elvis’ taste and desire for his house.

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3. The Checks

There is a ton of information and memorability, from gold records to actual checks that Elvis wrote out to charity groups.

Take a look at those checks. Some of them are are addressed in a way that would not exactly be politically correct today.

If you head to Memphis, check out Graceland. It’s a good time, especially (of course) if you can get a private tour, dinner and concert.