The World Cup at Mosaic in Fairfax, Virginia

Here’s a throwback to a stop I actually made this past summer.

After enjoying a great 4th of July workout and stopping by a BBQ, a friend and I had some time to kill before we joined our friends on an evening cruise on the Potomac River. We stopped by “Mosaic” which is a newly developed area in Fairfax, Virginia with shopping malls, boutiques and upscale condos. Every so often during the summer, the area is home to watch parties on a huge outdoor screen. Perfect enough, today they were showing a world cup game.


My friend and I relaxed on the grass as a few hundred others sat on lawn chairs, beach towels, or played soccer themselves. I’m a huge fan of outdoor areas like this that allow you to take a break and relax with friends. And a big screen version of the World Cup didn’t hurt either.



Mosaic in Fairfax, Virginia is a fairly new shopping complex with a nice outdoor area to watch movies or events.