IRA Webinar March 30, 2016

“IRAs & Retirement Investing For Beginners”

An Interactive Training Session & Webinar

Wednesday, March 30th 8:00pm – 9:00pm Eastern

Hosted by Steve Bierfeldt of Live Smart Academy

Have you never given much thought to opening an IRA? Have you heard of one but figured you’d get around to it another time? Be honest, are you not sure what the letters “I.R.A.” even stand for? If so, then my upcoming webinar and training session is definitely for you. Scroll through the page and join me for an hour I believe will pay you a lifetime of dividends (literally).

Many individuals, especially those under 40, have no knowledge of IRA’s (Individual Retirement Accounts), and think it’s a far off fairy tale they’ll deal with when they’re older. But it’s never too late to make money or start investing for the future. And even if you have no intentions or desire to “retire” you can still use the money in an IRA to save money and secure your future.

Every Day You Go Without Opening Your IRA

Here’s What You’re Losing

  • You’re Losing Interest Income

    “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest” – Albert Einstein

    By investing your money earlier on, you’ll give yourself years or even decades of additional interest income. The earlier you invest, the more you’ll have. Don’t delay one minute longer. Start today and begin earning interest on your investments.

  • You’re Losing Time That Can’t Be Gained Back

    For the most part, once you miss a year of investing in an IRA, you’ve missed your chance forever. Remember that money you thought about investing in an IRA in 2014? That opportunity is gone and you can never go back. Every year you delay is another year of lost investing potential.

  • You’re Losing Your Ability to Become a Millionaire

    I’m not joking, and that’s not an absurd talking point. Want to have 1 million dollars by age 65? It’s actually not as difficult as you think… Well… Depending on when you start.

    Start when you’re 25 and you only need to save $500 per month
    But start when you’re 40 and you’ll need to save $1,400 each month.
    And delay starting until when you’re 50 and you’ll need to save $3,400, every month.

    The earlier you start, the easier it is. It’s as simple as that. 

  • You’re Losing Tax Benefits

    Did you know you can get cut your taxable income by $5,500 by opening an IRA? Or choose a Roth IRA and you can deduct all of your investment income 100% tax free. The tax law is written to confuse people so the government can steal more of your money. But if you know and understand the law, you can use it to your advantage keep as much of your money as possible.

Reserve Your Spot in My “IRAs & Retirement Investing For Beginners” Webinar


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  • A “Go to Meeting” style interactive webinar to discuss IRAs and why they matter
  • A walk-through where I show you how to set up your own IRA
  • You’ll get an inside look at some my investments and my successes and mistakes
  • Plenty of time for Q & A so you can ask anything on your mind

Still Unsure?
Here are Four Bad Excuses Not to Take Part

  • “I’ve barely heard of an IRA. I bet it’s too complicated.”

    The misconception that IRAs are too complicated is why millions of people delay starting one. You have to start somewhere, and each day you refuse to start is one day gone forever. It doesn’t have to be complicated and I’ll show you how to begin.

  • “I Don’t Have Any Money to Invest.”

    Right now you’re investing $0. So anything is better than that. And come on, you DO have money. It may not be what you think is “a lot”, but you do have something. $5 here and $10 there ads up over time and DOES make a difference.

  • “I’m, Too Young / Too Old, to Start.”

    Whether you think you’re too young or too old to begin investing, you’re wrong. The younger you are, the better you stand to benefit from investing early on. Think you’re too old? The good news is simply by considering opening an IRA you’re ahead of most people today. Every day that passes is a lost opportunity, so regardless of your age, you should start now.

  • “It’s Too Much Work”

    To be blunt, if you don’t put in the work now, then you’re going to HAVE TO put in the work when you’re 60 or 70. And that kind of work may consist of asking people what kind of fries they want with their burger. Is that what you want? This is not simply flipping on a light switch, it will take some work to get this in place. But the work will pay dividends and ensure you don’t have to struggle for money decades from now.

“IRAs & Retirement Investing For Beginners”

Wednesday, March 30th 8:00pm – 9:00pm Eastern

One Time Purchase of $19.97

Join a handful of others who want to learn how to invest in an IRA but aren’t quite sure. If you’re feeling anxious, there’s absolutely nothing to be nervous or ashamed of. Okay, you’ve gone this long, but don’t go any longer.

On the webinar you’ll be among fellow beginners who are in the same boat as you but have made the commitment to change their lives by starting to plan their Individual Retirement Account.

For less than $20 you’ll get a full introductory walk-through, see how IRAs operate, and be able to ask whatever questions are on your mind. Click the button below to reserve your spot and submit your payment. You’ll receive a welcome email with instructions on accessing the session and beginning to understand the IRA process. If you have any questions, you can contact me at Steve [at]

I’ll see you on Wednesday, March 30th!


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