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Greetings all!

From starting a new business, visiting about a dozen new countries, moving across the world, and then across the country (twice), and continuing to maximize my financial assets, I’ve been keeping myself tremendously busy. However I’m proud to say I’m getting back into the consistent habit of helping you to “Live Smart”.

That may be helping you make more money, cutting expenses from your budget, get a new job, or find the latest travel deal so you can finally take a vacation. From interacting with you all via email or social media, talking to friends, or formally coaching clients, I know each person’s situation and goals are different.

If you haven’t been following the site, I have been keeping it updated and do still post. Today I posted a fantastic travel deal to Paris.$450 for a round-trip ticket from a handful of major cities, including all taxes and fees.

As a continual thank you for visiting the website. I’d like to offer you the opportunity to receive a coaching session, ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Get Your Free Coaching Session Below

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If you haven’t yet seen (or forgotten about) my coaching session options,you can view them right here. I’ve helped clients ace job interviews, save hundreds of dollars a month from their household budgets, and score fantastic travel deals for a fraction of the price.
Now as a special thank you, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to get a 100% FREE coaching session. It’s simple to enter and you can increase your chances by entering in all of the three ways below.
How to Enter:

You can complete as many of the tasks as you want. You’ll get 1 entry for each item you complete. The more ways you enter, the more chances you have to win.

1) “LIKE” Live Smart Academy on Facebook. Then post a comment in the page about what you’d like to achieve via a coaching session.

2) Follow me on Twitter. Then Tweet out to me with the message, “If I won a coaching session with @SteveBierfeldt I would _____________”. Fill in the blank telling me what you’d do or would like to learn or improve.

3) Follow me on Instagram. Then post any picture you’d like with the message, “If I won a coaching session with @stevebierfeldt I would post a picture of _______.” Fill in the blank to tell me what your next instagram post would be to celebrate. Many a piggy bank showing all the money you’d save? Maybe a gorgeous island spot of where you’d like to travel to? Surprise me!
It’s as simple as that. When you like or follow via social media, AND post the comment or message (don’t forget that part), you’ll be entered in to win. Each option is an entry and you can triple your chances of winning by taking part in all three items.
What are you struggling with right now?
Are you bummed because it’s looking like yet another summer will go by that you won’t be able to afford a vacation?
Are you still stuck in that job you hate or struggling to start that business you still dream about?
Is your budget and expenses a continual money pit that doesn’t allow you to save for the future?
Whether it’s time or money or problems at home, there IS a way to improve your life and begin living smart.
Enter via the methods above and you may just be able to get the free session that will give you the jump start you need.
Live Smart Academy
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