How to Watch the World Cup for Free

If you’re a soccer fan bummed because you can’t find a way to watch the world cup, or the links you’re trying aren’t working, visit this link right here:

“Watch ESPN” allows you to stream the games IF you have television subscription that’s a part of their package. Not all do, and if you don’t have cable or have a different provider, then you’re out of luck.

And with the U.S. playing today, June 16th, I really wanted to watch.

With an event like the World Cup I’d be perfectly fine just paying for a month subscription. Forget about the cable accounts or relying on the deals ESPN offers to some providers but not others. I wish ESPN would just allow you to pay them a fee to watch the World Cup for the month. I’d pay it gladly.

But since I can’t I’ve sought out other ways to watch, and I’ve found one that’s free.

Click here to watch the World Cup for free on your computer.

The feed is from Univision and they’ve got a Live feed of all the games. The broadcasts are in Spanish, though that may just be the most proper way to watch a soccer game… GOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 11.59.27 AM