Hot Air Balloon Crash Landing… Almost

During my year of traveling the world, I’ve placed an emphasis of visiting family between trips. I grew up in upstate New York and other than a few days here and there for Christmas or birthdays, I haven’t really been, “home” for close to 10 years. Autumn in New York State/New England area is absolutely gorgeous, and the weather is beautiful. So between cruises, trips to Europe, or trips around the U.S, I’ve stopped into New York to say hi to family and friends, collect my bearings, and of course add pictures and posts to this blog!

Having dinner one night, we noticed a hot air balloon far away but coming closer. Not just coming closer but slowly descending.

I don't think he's gonna make it it!

I don’t think he’s gonna make it it!

It went right over the houses in our neighborhoods but little by little it descended down.

Give it more gas!

Give it more gas!

Despite the pilot putting as much hot hair as he could, it wasn’t working. The balloon continued to go down.


The pilot was able to safely land the balloon in an open area, and safely avoided trees, houses, and power lines.


Of course this was the most exciting thing to happen all week! So all the neighborhood came out to see.


The balloon was already loosing air pretty quickly, so the balloon crew helped it along by pulling on the ropes on the sides.


Little by little it completely deflated so it could be packed up and transported.


Finally the rest of the balloon crew arrived to complete packing it up and lifting it into the truck.

It’s funny that during a regular night having dinner with my family, I got to experience a good story and grab some great pictures. I didn’t need to fly to Europe, backpack around China, or find a hacker fare for flights. Be on the lookout for adventures right around your area!