Greetings from Costa Rica!

I’m here in Costa Rica for about a month, as I continue my travels around the world. I’m in a small town called Playas del Coco, aka Playa del Coco, aka just “Coco”. I’ve actually been here a few times over the years and it’s one of my favorite spots in Costa Rica to come back to. Read some more below.



View from the top of the hill of where I’m staying. The town is built up enough to have the creature comforts you’re looking for while still being the laid back fishing village it started out as.


Here is one of the open cafe’s in a community outside of the “downtown area.” There is a small Italian restaurant called “Soda Mediterranea” I’ve been to a few times and has excellent food. It was started by one of the first MTV VJ’s in Europe. (I know that’s being very specific, but that’s the story anyway).

I’ll have more pictures and things to post in the future. For now I’m enjoying a longer stop in one location as I take it easy, finish up some writing and read some of the books I brought with me. Pura Vida!