Start Raising Money Today

This one on one fundraising training is personally tailored to your cause, charity, campaign or business idea. In this full day of in-person support, I'll go over a personalized strategy with you to raise money immediately.

I'm so confident in the success you'll have that I guarantee you will raise immediate cash in donations and pledges as a result of this training.



If you don't raise an amount at least equal to my fee, you don't owe me a penny for the session. Keep all the skills and techniques you learned and received your personalized fundraising session completely for free. Your cost is only my travel expenses.

That's right. If you don't see immediate success, I'll refund you 100% of my consulting fee. But I've never had to give a refund. This training works. And it will work for you.

I've Got a History of Proven Success

I've spent years money for political campaigns, non-profit organizations and start-up businesses. I've been successful across multiple aspects of raising money and I can help you craft a successful plan as well.

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A Training Like No Other

This is a 100% private, in-person fundraising training, specifically tailored to you and your campaign or business. That means I'll be physically coming out to your home, office, or business and sitting down with you directly.

You'll receive the personalized care and attention you need and deserve to master the fundraising scene and begin raising money immediately.

  • 1 on 1 Attention

    This session is completely different from the typical seminars, lectures or group discussions some candidates may have already taken. This is a direct, individual session where you’ll receive personalized support.

  • Immediate Success

    This is an intense training that will raise you money immediately by getting to the point and bringing in donations right away. No fluff, no waste, no excuses. You will have donations and pledges in your hand THAT DAY, as a result of this session.

  • Set Yourself Up for the Future

    For a one-time cost, you’ll receive direct, in person training at your home, office or business for a full day of strategy and training specifically focused on fundraising. You’ll now have these skills for the rest of your career.

  • No Risk to You

    I guarantee you’ll raise an amount at least equal to my fee in donations and pledges. If not there is no charge. Keep all the skills and techniques you learned and receive your personalized fundraising session completely for free.

Cash in the Bank Within 24 Hours

  • High Dollar Asks

    Cover the tactics of donor research, personal solicitation and example phone calls.


  • Test and Refine

    Go over sample scripts, contact recruitment and role-playing scenarios.

  • Perfect Your Message

    I’ll instruct you on voice inflection, answering common responses and donor follow-up.

  • Success Breeds Succees

    I’ll ensure you know the proper way to ask for money. (Yes there is a proper way)

  • Personal Attention

    Craft the proper formula to determine how much to ask for and when.

  • Ensure Future Ability

    You’ll receive a full day’s instruction to get your campaign on track for success in the future.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

    Organize your campaign to bring in donations quicker and in greater number.


  • Personalized Support

    You’ll receive motivation and a push to help you raise money and add additional contacts.

  • Guaranteed Success

    This intense training WILL help you raise money IMMEDIATELY. I’m so confident I offer a no-risk guarantee.

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