You're on Your Way to Fundraising Success!

I received your request for more information regarding a personalized fundraising session and I'll be in touch shorty.

I guarantee I can help you raise at least $2,000 in a single day. I'm so confident that I'll give you a 100% risk-free guarantee.

Why $2,000?

I charge $2,000 plus expenses for a full day of fundraising training and support. I keep my expenses as low as possible to provide the greatest benefit to you and maximize your budget.


If you don't raise an amount at least equal to my fee, you don't owe me a penny for the session. Keep all the skills and techniques you learned and received your personalized fundraising session completely for free. Your cost is only my travel expenses.

That's right. If you don't see immediate success, I'll refund you 100% of my consulting fee. But I've never had to give a refund. This training works. And it will work for you.

I'll Be in Touch Shortly