I Received My Free $10 Coupon

Last month I posted on a promotion being offered by Amazon.com in which you could earn a free $10 credit when you purchased $50 in gift cards. If you were planning on purchasing something from Amazon anyway, then this seemed like a no-brainer.

The promo seems to still be running, (although it is targeted) so if you didn’t grab it before, check out the steps I lay out here, to see if you’re eligible. As is sometimes the case when I’ve posted tips or ways to save money or get something, “for free,” there have been the usual doubters. This is certainly understandable with how many, “Get Rich Quick” schemes are around. Similar to credit cards and bonus awards, when I tell people I’m traveling for free or getting free flights and hotels, people don’t believe me. “It sounds good Steve, but there must be more to it than that, right?” The $10 Amazon was supposed to post between two-three weeks after the $50 gift card purchase and sure enough I just received an email from Amazon.com.

The Amazon.com promotion definitely works, and I was able to purchase $50 in gift cards (for shopping I was going to do on Amazon anyway) and then pick up a free $10 gift card. It might “only” be $10. But a free $10 is still a free $10. If you haven’t yet gone for the promo, check it out.