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Are you ready to LIVE your life and not just survive it?

Excellent. Then, we’re going to get along just fine, Welcome to Live Smart Academy. I’m Steve Bierfeldt and I’m going to help you completely master all the different aspects of your life: Mental, Financial, Physical, Spiritual, and Experiential.

Some background info on me, after 10 years in the same field, I decided I knew what I did NOT want to do with my life, so I left my career and took a year to travel the world. Across multiple jobs and the years that have come with them, I’ve gained valuable experience on making money, improving your fitness, clearing your head and worrying less, cutting costs and saving for the future and setting and reaching amazing goals even I never thought were possible. If you’d like, you read a more about me.

Along the way I decided to take the tips and tools I’ve learned to help other people LIVE their lives, and achieve the goals they’d been putting off to the side. What exactly does it mean to “Live Smart?” Most have heard the phrase, “Work Smart, Not Hard.” But I always believed life didn’t have to be difficult either.

Whether your goal is to save money so you can retire at 50, visit those countries on your bucket list, get a new job, learn to be a better public speaker, or get into shape, I’m here to tell you it’s all possible. By “Living Smart” you’ll learn to disregard how the world and our culture tells says you allegedly “must live your life.”

And whether you are a student entering college, a young professional working long hours for little pay, a stay at home parent, a middle aged blue collar worker, or maybe getting close to retirement, I’m here to tell you that all of the things I list on this site… ALL OF THEM… can work for you.

What Exactly does it mean to “Live Smart”

I’m firm believer that too many people find themselves just going through the motions in today’s world. More so just surviving their lives from day to day, week to week, month to month, as the years pass on by.

For the longest time I’d heard from friends and co-workers each time I’d given them a piece of helpful advice or tip to save time, make money or improve an aspect of their life. “You know Steve that was really helpful, you should write that down”… “You know Steve that story you told me was crazy, you should blog about it and share it with people.”

I’d heard that for years and always  brushed it off. Until one day I wanted a new challenge so I decided to start a blog and write some of it down. And after many months, that original blog where I post the occasional story or tip has transformed into Live Smart Academy a full website where I offer systematic training those looking to improve their lives as well as personalized and tailored advisement to members.

The 5 Aspects of Your Life

The idea of improving your life and being smart about living encompasses many different aspects. However from my experience in living, working and observing countless others, I’ve identified what I call “The 5 Aspects of Your Life.” By grouping your goals, hopes, dreams, strengths and even fears into one of these categories, you’ll be able to take charge of your life and lead it to the fullest.

• Mental – Learn a skill, learn a trade, learn a language. This category is related to knowledge and improving your mind. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take a cooking class or write a book of poetry or become certified in your favorite hobby. Improving your mental capabilities will only strengthen your mind and enable you reach even more of your goals in the future

• Financial – Make more money, save more money. Eliminate debt, cut expenses. Your financial goals can be extremely long term or extremely immediate. Do you want to retire at 50 or 60 or maybe live your life so you never need to retire?

Do you want to start a new career or change jobs? Maybe you want to save for a house, pay off a loan loan .Here on the blog I cover ways to make money through work or investing and get the systems in place to set yourself up for financial success for the long term. And whether it be tips on how to negotiate a higher salary at work or cutting down your cell phone bill (my most popular post to date), I’ll show you how.

• Physical – Go to the gym, gain muscle, lose weight, improve your flexibility, get stronger, run faster, jump higher, etc. There are no limits to this, and the great thing is you only need to compare yourself to yourself. Whether you’re 20 or 80 there is never a bad time to get in better shape.

This could be related to a health concern, or to look good for a significant other, or merely to ensure you’re around for your grandkids or great grandkids. Don’t forget, “physical” doesn’t just mean the exercise part. Eating different foods, eating better foods, eating more vegetables, taking vitamins and even getting more sleep are all a part of your physical fitness. Improving your physical self will make you feel better right away and lead to literally decades of a better quality of life.

• Spiritual – Regardless of your religion or lack of religion, your spiritual well-being is just as important as the other categories. Everyone should have a firm grasp of the fact that one day you will no longer be breathing, so you’d better make the most of your time on this earth.

As a Christian I believe I’ll one day answer to a higher power. It’s why I believe I have a duty to understand the teaching of Jesus Christ and the Bible.

If you’re not religious however, your spiritual life is still very important. How’s that? Because “spiritual” does not necessarily need to mean religious. Are you ostracized from a family member? Do you want to repair a friendship? Would you like to spend more time with your kids or have deeper conversations with your wife?

Think of a spiritual goal as being tied to your psyche. Lots of people who don’t practice religion still practice meditation or deep breathing exercises to start or end their day. You can learn to speak another language, make more money, or bench press more weight, but if you’re always stressed out, your spiritual life is suffering.

• Experiential – The other four have obvious applications, but this one is just as important. I call it “Experiential” because it’s based on experiences. It builds on the other four aspects to craft lasting experiences that emphasize the importance of mastering the other four aspects and build your confidence.

Get a new job, learn a skill, Travel the World, or achieve your life’s dream, what is it you, “Wish you’d always done?” Achieve your goals and realize your dreams.  Boost your self-confidence and you’ll become a completely new person. You can literally do anything you want with your entire life… Why would you waste a single second doing something else?

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• Worry Less – Your psyche plays a huge role in your wellness. Everyone seems to be stressed about something. Meh, no thanks. I’d rather remove the worry from my life and enjoy everything it has to offer. When you start mastering the ways to manage your time, money, and self confidence, you’ll be amazed at how less stress and worry you have in your life.

• Health & Fitness – “I’ll start tomorrow” is everyone’s mantra when it comes to getting in shape.  And health doesn’t just relate to exercise or hitting the gym. From eating better to getting more sleep, I discuss many ways to improve your physical well-being. That includes getting a great physical workout, eating well without spending a fortune and working out while on the road. My page of health and fitness resources will help do that and is constantly growing.

st as I believe in working smart and not just working hard for the save of working hard, I know that simple tips can give you extra minutes or even hours each day.