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The brand new Live Smart Not Hard, this page will be home to all guides, techniques, tips, and past blog posts related to finances. Including but not limited to:

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 Having 18 bank accounts shouldn’t scare you

Credit Cards

Does it Ever Make Sense to Pay an Annual Credit Card Fee?

Summary of post.

Applying for 8 Credit Cards in 6 Months Increased My Credit Score 5 Points

Dont Close Your credit cards

wont applying for credit cards kill my credit score?

5 pieces of the credit score pie

5 points what the heck is a credit score

How to Turn Old Gift Cards into Cash

Summary article

How to Sell Gift Cards You Don’t Want or Need

Summary article

$400 for Chase Bank Account

Make 1000 dollars in a day



How 9 Digits Saved Me 9 Dollars

sell phone
straight talk
republic wireless
cell down to $25
trade lunch for a vacation
Save Money by moving
daily expense tracker to manage budget
save 100 on netflix subscription
3 Reasons You Should Waste Your Entire First Paycheck