Eating at Flynn’s in Memphis

Stopping in Memphis for a business trip, I took a walk over to Beale Street and stopped in “Flynn’s” a BBQ place. The street is littered with BBQ places so I stopped in this one since it wasn’t too crowded and they had some easy listening blues music being performed. I got BBQ of course, an order of fried catfish, shrimp, crab cakes and oysters.


Everything was done alright, though with fried seafood it’s pretty hard to get wrong. The food was alright, though what stood out was the Oysters, which were better than most. Some good music, nice decor, and very friendly waitstaff.


The host standing outside the restaurant was also very friendly, welcoming me in and taking me right to my table. Overall the food was not bad and the atmosphere and music was pleasant. Where Flynn’s in Memphis shined was the staff and service.