Easter Island & New Advisement

I´m here on Easter Island for a six day stop. First off, kudos to you if you know where Easter Island is without looking at a map. And even then it might be hard to find.

I´ll have much more to write about concerning Easter Island. For the moment however I´m working on some new ideas and projects related to the blog and some of the freelance work I do. In short, the words, ´´I can´t go back,´´ is the phrase I keep repeating to myself. Although not in the way you probably think.


What´s Coming Next

I´ve also got some projects coming together grouping together my desire to keep working towards time, money, and location freedom, along with my desire to help others achieve it as well.

From time to time I´ve helped friends and colleagues get things in order, be it offering financial assistance, time management, or travel advice. Recently I´m been getting quite a few pushes, ´´You know Steve, you should really charge for this stuff, what´s your hourly rate?´´

Until now I´ve brushed it off, or helped people with the understanding they could throw anything my way they thought the service was worth.

Coming soon, I´ll have much more in the way of details, however for the moment I´m offering an opportunity for a select few people who are interested in advice regarding travel, finances, job interviews, saving money, gaining confidence, etc.

Advisement & Support

And for the moment, I´ll be taking on up to five people, and offering them 3 hours each of advisement, via email, skype, google hangout, phone, etc. And the total will be $30.

Not 30 dollars per hour, 30 dollars total. In the future ill have more information and a set of structures more in line with a going hourly rate I think is deserved. However I´m first looking to get a few people together as a sample size.

What that means, is there is a great opportunity (assuming you think im even worth 10 dollars an hour) to get some life coaching and advice. I do not have all the answers, however with about a decade of experience over many different fields, I think I can provide you some support.

In just the last year I have: Purchased a house, traveled to 20 countries, taken a free cruise, picked up a $6,000 first class plane ticket for 30 bucks, and ran a half marathon. I´ve also helped a number of friends, go on luxury vacations, get out of debt, negotiate for a new job, and lots more.

Simple to Receive Help

I am a believer that people who get free things, tend not to value them, wHelphich is why this is not free. However for my time, and what I think I can help you with, I´m offering up to three hours of direct, personal advisement, for just $30 total, less than the cashier at your local grocery store is probably making.

I´m only going to take a few individuals for this initial phase, so if you are interested please simply send at email to me at SteveBierfeldt at gmail dot com. Please include some information about yourself and what you´re looking to achieve.

I´ve got a lot of big things planned and more ideas coming, and I´m excited to have a chance to share some of my skill sets with those looking for advice.