Earn Free Travel with Barclaycard Travel Community

A few months back I picked up the World Arrival card from Barclays bank. The World Arrival operates a bit differently in that instead of giving you points to be used towards specific airlines or hotels, it uses its points/miles to wipe out a charge. So if you book a $100 plane ticket, you could redeem 10,000 arrival miles to remove the charge like it never existed. The current offer is 40,000 miles for spending $3,000 in the first three months. In addition, the card offers 2% back or 2 points/miles for every dollar spent.

But I stumbled across a feature that Barclay has been promoting in order to brand this card as THE card for travelers to carry. It’s called the Barclaycard Travel Community and it is an absolute amazing way to pick up Barclay Arrival points, or even free Amazon gift cards.

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By writing a post on a travel experience you’ve had, and then adding a picture, you receive points to your World Arrival profile.  You earn 150 points for every successful post. A post must be at least 50 words, relevant to your subject, and include an original picture, (no taking from google.) You then have the ability to add additional details for more points.

They’re the same type of points as the 40,000 bonus miles, or the miles earned from spending money everyday. At the end of each month, the points you earn from the Travel Community is then transferred to your Barclay Arrival Card total.

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A basic example. Here are two posts I crafted.

You don’t have to be a professional writer or even have lots of free time.  Every one of us has done some traveling, be it seeing family for Christmas, going to a big city, or visiting a theme park. The stipulations aren’t that stringent. Just 50 words and an original picture. And you get 150 points, or equivalent of $1.50 in earned travel expenses.

If you’re thinking, “Only $1.50, that’s not worth my time…” Let me ask you, you don’t think you wasted any time today? On Facebook? On instagram? On pretty much anything? In the three minutes that it took me to grab a picture from an old vacation, login into my account, and write just 50 words, I earned $1.50 off of a future trip. And it adds up…

I’ve picked up over 7,700 Barclay Arrival miles since I found the site about two months ago. And that 7,700 miles equals $77 that I have to wipe out travel expenses. $77 in “free” money, so to speak. That’s one night at a budget hotel, a day or two of a car rental, or dinner at a fancy restaurant… Just for taking a few minutes each day to write up some thoughts on a past travel experience.

I've earned $77 so far by sharing my travel stories and pictures.

I’ve earned $77 so far by sharing my travel stories and pictures.

If you don’t have the Barclay World Arrival card, then you can still utilize this program. You can signup to receive free Amazon gift cards instead of World Arrival miles. The admins do a great job answering questions and are quite helpful. As long as you write good posts with a good picture, you’ll receive 150 Arrival miles per piece.

Also, there’s a “Kudos” feature, which operates similar to a Facebook“like.” If you go to someone’s post and “kudos” their story, then they’ll receive an 10 additional miles.  My handle is LiveSmart.  So by all means, look me up, and if you like some of my posts, send me a Kudos!

Overall, this program is a fantastic way to remember your past travel experiences, practice your writing, and earn what is in essence free travel rewards. Our culture is so inclined to shun ideas like this and make the typical excuses about being too busy or not having the time. But seriously, that’s preposterous. The average Facebook user spends 8 hours of his or her life on Facebook, PER MONTH. I have no doubt you can block out 3 or 4 minutes a day.

Remember to stop believing the narrative that, “Travel is just too expensive,” and take the steps to see your travel goals take form.