Don’t Be Afraid to Decorate

My office has just a couple of people on staff so there’s no opportunity for a Christmas Party or need to decorate for the Holidays for the most part. I could very easily get caught up between the office hours, then home for the day and then up and out the next morning. I don’t have a real need to decorate my house for family or friends since it’s just me. “I’ll have ‘Christmas’ when I get home for actual Christmas when I visit my family,” I could say.


But for as long as I can remember, I’ve always done it anyway. I’ve always decorated a window or a wall or gotten some candles that smell like cookies. This year for example I decided to decorate the door to my condo. I live in a small loft complex with only two dozen units. And with my condo at the end of the hall, few people would even see my door. But I’m not decorating for them, I’m decorating formyself. Each evening when I come home I open the doors from the stairs and see a bright red and green wrapped present for me. Sometimes I don’t even remember I had done it. “Oh no way. I forgot I decorated last week!”

I’ve heard so many times over the years, “Oh you’re just decorating for yourself?” As if that’s somehow weird. But even if it was, who doesn’t like bright colored wrapping paper with bows on it? What are you, a grinch? Even if you had no plans to decorate at all, consider being creative. Wrap your door, put bows on your computer, add a wreath to the front of your car. There’s a chance you might brighten someone’s day when they see it. And even if you don’t you’ll at least brighten up your own day.