I started this blog from people urging me to write down the tips and stories I shared with them over the years. “Steve that tip you gave me was great, you know you should really write this stuff down, start a blog or something.” Originally my intention was just as a hobby for myself.

“Yeah yeah yeah… start a blog… who would read my blog…” But it’s pretty cool to see that other people follow me and the site, so it’s important to me when I see a new followers to make sure they know the gist.

Here on the site, there may be advertisements (such as from Google) that you see. They help me pay for the site, take care of upkeep and cover my expenses. If you see an add promoting something you’re interested in, give it a click. It will help me continue to run the site and keep posting.

Also from time to time I may link to products, services, companies, businesses, etc, and some of these may be affiliate links. Clicking an affiliate link in no way ever increases or alters the service or product you buy, it simply allows me to earn a very small affiliate commission from the company/business/etc for referring a customer to their site.

However (and this is very important to me) any and all affiliate link, advertisements, services, companies or products I recommend on this site are only ones that I have personally used or am personally planning on using. I know there are many, many sites that will link ads to anything that will pay them regardless of whether or not they think it’s a good deal but I am not interested in doing that.

And while I can’t always guarantee that you’l alwaysl have the same opinion of every single product or service or company that I do, you can know that I’m only recommending or promoting links to those that I’ve used or am looking to use. It’s important to me to build up a level of trust with readers and of course, to continue that trust.

Privacy & Email Policy

Spam, clutter, a waste of time… Whatever you want to call it, no one likes their email being filled up with junk. If you signed up for my free email list,┬áthen you already saw my promise not to divulge your email address.

Think I’ll share it? Nope.

Sell it? Not a chance.

Give it away to those orphans who sit on the street corner with that sign that says, “Will work for emails?” Sorry, still no.

My privacy is important to me and I’m sure yours is to you as well. If you’ve entrusted me with your email address, that stays with me and is only used to email you related to this site, as I promised. You can unsubscribe at any time, just as you should be able to.