Deal Alert! Philadelphia to Las Vegas for $80 Roundtrip!

Deal Alert! Philadelphia to Las Vegas for $80 Roundtrip!

If you’re reading this in the Live Smart Not Hard blog email broadcast, then this deal is most likely gone. my But if you’re seeing this on the blog on the date published, then this deal may still be available. H/T to The Flight Deal for bringing this to my attention.

US Airways is currently advertising a massively discounted fare from Philadelphia to Las Vegas for flights between early January and early February. The flight is ROUNDTRIP and goes for about $80 and that INCLUDES all taxes and fees.

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There’s no special codes or coupons needed, just flights from Philadelphia (PHL) to Las Vegas (LAS). There seems to be a decent amount of availability among different days of the week or times of the month. The Flight Deal indicates that the cutoff is between January 7th and February 10th, and you can go for as long as or as short as you’d like.

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Here you see the special rate at only $41 each way. Wow. I’ll be returning from a 10 day trip to Hawaii a couple of days before and after getting a chance to meet up with friends for the Super Bowl, I grabbed a flight the next day out of Philadelphia. I plan on staying for four nights and leaving the following Friday.

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There seems to be slightly less availability and a higher cost for weekend dates, though I did see a few options for flying back on a Saturday at no additional cost. Even if you can’t afford to take the time off, this is an easy way to build up some frequent flyer miles, what many people call a “mileage run.” It’s also a non-stop flight so there’s no worry about transfers, extra delays, etc.

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Not Bad! A roundtrip ticket from the East Coast to Las Vegas for about $80. No extra taxes, charges, etc. (Though as always remember the bag fees and pack light).

A GREAT tip to remember is that most airlines now offer 24 hour cancellation with no penalty. Meaning that if you call and cancel a ticket within 24 hours you get a full refund. No $150 change fee or anything like that. So if you’re even thinking about booking this ticket but have to check with the friend/spouse/boss/etc, you should go ahead and book it and you’ll then have 24 hours to change your mind.

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I ended up booking through directly instead of through Orbitz just to be safe. I’ve heard you can get full refunds through Orbitz (less their fee) but laying out the money for six tickets and I didn’t want to risk it. But above is the cancellation policy from US Airways. Even throughout the ticket I bought is “Coach Non-Refundable” that shouldn’t scare you. The Department of Transportation changed the rules in 2013 that gives 24 hours to cancel without penalty. I don’t know all of the ins and the outs but I do know that it’s a far different policy than what most airlines could get away with and charge even a couple of years ago.

I ended up buying six tickets for myself and friends and family and I’ll be reaching out to them today to see if they can make it. If they can, it will be a great surprise. And if not, I’ll just cancel.

They're practically giving hotel rooms away.

They’re practically giving hotel rooms away.

And don’t forget, Las Vegas hotel rooms during weekdays can be VERY inexpensive. I’m not talking about the seedy motels but the major luxury hotels. Here’s a rate for the Luxor right on the strip that I found for about $60 a night during the days I’ll be there.

If you’re in or around the Philadelphia area, or even a couple of hours away, or can perhaps get to Philadelphia for cheap, consider a flight over to Vegas. There’s no reason to spend any more time than you have to in the freezing cold.

Don’t hesitate to post your comments below about your success!