Deal Alert: New York to Italy for $399 Roundtrip!

There’s a current promotion with Emirates airlines offering flights from New York to Italy for less than $399. And that’s not all.

The flights are round trip and include all taxes and fees.

Great options and great availability on a solid airline.

There seems to be availability starting now, all the way up until the first week of may. The price may vary a bit depending on exact dates, however I found one here for $798 for two tickets. That’s just $399 for each ticket. And again, remember these tickets are for a round trip, and include all taxes and fees, making this a fantastic deal.

Deal Alert: New York to Italy for $399 Roundtrip!

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The Catch

There’s two main aspects you need to fulfill to get this incredible deal.

1. It seems to indicate that you must stay over a Sunday and for at least three days.

I’m assuming this wouldn’t be a problem for almost anyone. This is common for low cost airline promotions, requiring a Saturday or Sunday stay to get the full discount.


2. You must purchase two tickets to get the full discount.

The promotion is specifically meant for two tickets, billed as “Take a romantic getaway.” So to get the most inexpensive tickets you need to purchase two round trip tickets. For $798, that’s less than it would normally be for a single round trip ticket, making it a truly great deal. If you were only looking to go alone however, the promotion does still offer a deal, with the lowest prices via The Flight Deal appearing to be about $660. Still a good price.

Below you see that the promotion runs all the way through May. So if you’re schedule is booked now or you’d prefer to enjoy Italy in warmer weather, you have that option.

Deal Alert: New York to Italy for $399 Roundtrip!

Availability for inexpensive options currently exists up until early May


This is a great promotion with an amazing deal that will likely be gone in a day or two. If you have two or more people interested in going to Italy (and New York is an easy hub to get to if you live somewhere else) give this a look.

H/T as always to The Flight Deal.