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How I Got My Cell Phone Bill Down to $10 a Month with Republic Wireless

** This is my most popular post to date and with good reason. If you haven’t yet made the switch to Republic Wireless, get to it!

But this post is only a the first step. Not sure if switching phone plans is right for you? I go into even great detail about how to lower your bill in my FREE guide, “How to Cut Your Cell Phone Bill Down to $10 a Month” Click here and I’ll send you a copy of the guide, absolutely free.

I have just about the exact same cell phone plan I had a year ago, and I’m paying 20% of the price. At one point I was spending $130 a month. over $1,500 A YEAR, just to have a cell phone.




Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 3.45.33 PMWhen I looked to get my bill down even cheaper than I previously had it, I checked out iWireless, FreedomPop and Republic Wireless. All of which were a bit unorthodox but all offered plans that could get my bill down even less than what I was paying now.


When I came across a review of Republic Wireless my interest kicked into full gear and I decided to stop waiting to achieve my goals and move forward.

Republic Wireless operates a bit different than a traditional cell phone company. Republic Wireless operates with the knowledge that cell towers and data usage is what costs the cell companies the most amount of money. Using towers and satellites to beam you your calls and data gets pricey. But using wi-fi is much, much cheaper. That’s why so many cell companies throttle back data usage or charge you a set price per GB each month.

But what if, instead of using satellites or towers to make your calls or check your email, you could make those same calls over a wi-fi spot? You’d be saving the cell phone company money. In this case Republic Wireless passes this savings on back to you.

For the most part, that’s how Republic Wireless works. Whenever you’re near a wi-fi spot, the phone automatically makes your calls or sends your data over the wi-fi network. When you’re away from wi-fi, it uses cellular service through Sprint.

Here’s a CNET review asking, “Is Republic Wireless to good to be true?” And touching on some concerns of coverage and call quality.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 8.07.09 PM


I even asked myself the same question CNET did, Is this too good to be true? What really appealed to me was the wealth of options available and the ability to make switches. Republic offers four plans, one as cheap as $5!

• $5/month – Unlimited usage (talk, text, and data) but on Wi-fi only. Everything has to be done over wi-fi.
• $10/month – Unlimited usage on wi-fi. Unlimited talk and text on the Sprint towers (no data without wi-fi). This means no checking email, visiting websites or google maps if you’re out driving in the car.
• $25/month – Unlimited talk, text, and 3G data. This is a regular cell phone plan that most people have.
$40/month – The exact same as above, but with 4G LTE data

Beyond that, Republic Wireless allows you to switch plans twice a month. So if you’re planning on hanging around the house one week and you’ve got wi-fi, go with the super cheap option.

If you’re going to travel the following week and want cell coverage, upgrade. But then headed back home for the rest of the money with no need for a higher plan? Switch right back. You’re only charged a pro-rated rate of what plan you’re using each day.


There are some stipulations and concerns with Republic Wireless. One example is that like many less expensive, no contract call phone companies, there’s no physical store. Beyond that though, there’s also no customer service via phone.

All of their customer service is done via emails, website forms or their community forums. For me this wasn’t a deterrent and I didn’t prevent me from continuing my search.

As well, a few phones will currently work with the system, all android phones. You’re not able to bring your own phone, so if the big one for some people: that means you can’t keep your iphone.

If you’re not sold on Republic Wireless there are still ways to cut that massive cell phone bill AND keep your iPhone. Click here to get my free guide on how I cut my cell phone bill.

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 3.45.19 PM

With a cheap cell phone options, the ability to switch back and forth, an inexpensive smart phone to buy, and knowing I’d be able to sell my iPhone 4 to recoup some of the cost, I decided to take the plunge.

Everyone wants the best phone and the newest toys, but do you really need to spend $300, $400 or more for a cell phone? The Moto G seemed fine enough for me and the reviews were positive. Remember the point here, to save money and cut expenses. I did spring for the larger memory though.

The Moto G was $149 for the 8GB version or $179 for the 16GB version. Dollar for dollar, the $30 increase for double the capacity was well worth it. I placed my order and eagerly awaited.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 3.06.28 PM

I didn’t have to wait long. Within a few minutes I had a confirmation email from Republic. A day or so later and I had a fed ex tracking number. And a couple days after that my new phone had arrived. Long term I’m considering going with the $10/month option. That sounds crazy when our culture is so tied to knowing everything that happens all the time every time.

But again, ask yourself do you really NEED to be checking your Facebook every five minutes? Do you need to check the basketball score that moment instead of just waiting until you get home? Is your email so important you need to access it when in the car? If not, consider the $10 option.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 8.07.09 PM

As I said, long term I’m thinking $10, especially as I get ready to travel around the world. For the immediate future though, should I’m taking small steps to get myself used to it. As I prepare to do some traveling, especially driving throughout the U.S., I’d like to have the option to use google maps. I know, I know.

At one point people got by with looking up directions or asking gas stations, but having google maps is just a tremendous tool. So for the moment, I’m going with the $25/month option.

Phone Arrives

When the phone arrived, setup was easy. The instructions were clear and the website was easy to follow. A slew of confirmation emails as well walked me through the process to port my old number over to my new phone. Within about 24 hours I had opened the box, activated the phone, transferred over my contacts and successfully transferred over my phone number.

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 6.30.28 PM

From $130 a month to about $45 month, switching plans originally allowed me to cut my expenses by almost $1,000 a year. That meant $1,000 more I have to save, invest, or devote to travel. And while I may “only” be saving an additional $20 a month by switching phone plans again, that’s another $250 a year I’ll have to do the same. I’ve gotten my cell phone bill down from $130/month, to $45/month, and now to $25/month, with still room to go.

Have you tried out Republic Wireless? What is your experience?

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