Crossfitting the World

Without question, what I was going to miss the most from leaving my previous home was the gym I’d become a member at. “Gym” in the general sense, as I had gone to a Crossfit box over the past two years. Crossfit 515 in Grimes, Iowa.

The owners gave me one of their t-shirts and some of the members signed it for me. I told them I’d wear it to a bunch of Crossfits as I traveled the world, and would take a picture at each one. So here’s the first one.

While visiting the DC area for the July 4th weekend, I stopped in at Crossfit Annandale in Annandale, Virginia. A friend of mine goes there and invited me over. I met Jeremy, the owner and he could not have been more accommodating. It was a great workout and everyone at the gym was friendly. I told Jeremy about my travels so of course we had to take a picture as I displayed my Crossfit 515 shirt.


After a few great warmup, “games” with medicine balls, the workout consisted of Squat Cleans at 185 lbs and handstand pushups. I always push myself to do the weight as prescribed. And while the endurance is definitely the part of my Crossfit game I need to improve upon, I can usually hold my own on the weight. But this one was heavy.

The workout was 11 total reps, mixed between the two exercises, on a ladder order.

1 Squat Clean and 10 Handstand Pushups
2 Squat Cleans and 9 Handstand Pushups
3 and 8
4 and 7
5 and 6
Then starting back again
6 Squat Cleans and 5 Handstand Pushups
7 and 4
8 and 3
9 and 2
10 Squat Cleans and 1 Handstand Pushup

I hadn’t done a workout in more than a few days and my wrist was bothering me a bit, so my goal was just to “get back into it.” I went pretty slow, with the goal not even of finishing, rather just to sweat the last few days of junk food out of my system and get back into the crossfit habit.

It was a great cross fit to visit, and if you’re thinking of joining a crossfit in the Alexandria/Annandale/Fairfax area, check out Crossfit Annandale.