Coaching Prices

Current Rates & Packages (Summer 2016)


Below are the consulting options and rates currently being offered. I will reach out to you shorttly. You can also reach me directly at


  • Exploratory Call

    This is a 10-15 minute call where we introduce ourselves and you tell me where you are in your life and what you’re looking to accomplish. In return I’ll explain how I conduct my coaching and we’ll see if we’re a good fit. If we agree, we’ll decide on one of the plans and move forward.

    Please note this is not a coaching call, but an introductory call to conduct an overview of a possible coaching relationship. However should we both decide it’s a good fit and to move forward on a retainer or package.

  • Hourly Rate / Travel Booking – $50

    For those who believe an hour or two is all that’s needed to solve a specific question or problem, a single purchase of an hour’s time may be sufficient. The hourly coaching rate is a one time purchase with no additional commitment or obligation. You’ll receive the same great coaching for a single session of 60 minutes.

    This is also the rate I charge those looking for Award / Travel Booking support. That’s a one time fee in which I’ll take care of the booking for your award ticket, discounted hotel or flight deal. Instead of jumping through the hoops to redeem points or searching through the options to grab that amazing plane ticket, I’ll take care of everything and handle the booking for you.

  • Standard Monthly Retainer – $197

    If you’re serious about personal or executive coaching, I recommend considering an option that allows us to work through your issue on more relaxed terms though with a more structured schedule. With the standard retainer package you receive.

    • Four, 60-minute, sessions via phone, skype, or google hangout
    Email support for the month
    Minimum 3 month agreement

  • Premium Monthly Retainer – $247

    My recommendation to most people looking for serious, consistent coaching, the premium option provides additional coaching time at a lower cost per hour.

    • Four, 90-minute, sessions via phone, skype, or google hangout
    Priority unlimited email support
    Unlimited “Tactical Sessions”
    • Minimum 3 month agreement

    ** “Tactical Sessions” are brief, 5-10 minute phone calls that take place in between scheduled sessions. They’re best used for extra motivation or for a very specific topic. They are the perfect way to stay motivated and prepared in between sessions.