Challenge Yourself

About a year and a half ago I set a goal to accomplish a specific task, roughly before the end of 2013, or some 18 months in the future. I’ll talk about specifics more when I accomplish it. (When, not if)

Now that I am only one piece of the puzzle away from success, my thoughts are reflecting on all the friends and colleagues I know who have shared goals of theirs with me. “I want to get this degree or this job. I want to travel here or go there. I want to earn this or buy that. I want to experience this relationship or be honest with that person.”

Some of these goals are really personal and it was kind of them to share with me. But I see so many of these people in holding patterns and letting time and opportunity pass by.

I want you to go after it. My advice is not wait a day longer. Just pick up and do it. Don’t wait, don’t make excuses, do it. If you really have a dream or even a point of focus you’ve had for years, don’t put it on hold any longer.

This especially goes if you are younger and have the ability to pick up and go. Every part of the world and our culture tells us to buy more stuff, sit on the couch, be content with mediocrity, and to never challenge ourselves or risk rejection.

The mark of a real man (or woman) is someone who goes after the things he or she wants regardless of the odds, the criticisms or the public perception.

Challenge yourself and go after the things that you want.

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