The One Tip You Need for Cedar Point Theme Park

If you like roller coasters, “Cedar Point” is your place. As spring creeps closer, seasonal theme parks will begin to open. Located in Sandusky, Ohio it’s a large amusement park with rides, shows and of course, roller coasters. “The Dragster” simulates a drag racer and might have been my favorite. I made a goal of riding every single ride at least once and accomplished it, (save for one that was closed.) Here’s the #1 tip you need to completely rock your day at Cedar Point. Continue reading below.

Get the “Fast Pass”

I’d definitely recommend the fast pass type wrist bands. They allow you to skip the line on a number of busy roller coasters. I did some internal counting and hypothesized that we saved a little over four hours from waiting on lines.

Saving time is often worth every penny. While many would balk at the thought of spending MORE money at a theme park, (and why most don’t get these passes) if you can afford it, they are a tremendous value that will let you spend more time on the rides and less time on the lines.

I can’t recommend this pass enough as it will save you hours, not minutes, but hours of waiting in line.