Business Development Analysis

In addition to working with individuals, I do also work with businesses and non-profit organizations to improve their methods, procedures and especially financial savings. Just as I suggest that individuals need to invest in themselves, I find that few too businesses or organizations are willing to invest the small amount of time and money that can save them 10x the time and money down the road.

I provided full business analysis options to help your business grow and succeed. I have years of experience in direct sales, client networking, operations, cost reduction, human resources and more. I'm ready and able to help your brand or business to increase revenue, cut expenses, and become a powerhouse in the industry.

We've Done it. We'll Show You How.

Steve Bierfeldt

Steve has been a featured author, interview or subject in more than 100 news outlets, including the New York Times, CNN, Focus on the Family, The Huffington Post, and Fox Business. Steve has spent years involved in helping companies raise money, cut expenses, and improve systems. Steve spent years performing and instructing others on high dollar fundraising techniques to raise capital for business ventures, campaigns or charities. He's personally raised over a half million dollars from investors and personally helped businesses save over a million dollars in expenses. Steve's strength is in helping companies and brands enact practical methods to increase revenue and cut expenses, all using a simple to understand method.

What is a Business Development Analysis and How Can it Help Me?

Co-Pack Connect is the #1 Networking site dedicated to the brands, manufacturers, brokers, and suppliers in the food, beverage, vitamin, supplement & diet industry.

Our Business Development Analysis programs are custom tailored to each client to help them through the specific hurdles they are facing. Take a look at the options below and look through this page as we detail what we can offer and how we can help.

We offer a 100% FREE exploratory call with our team to discuss what you need and what we can provide. We look forward to working with you.

Allow Our Success to Become Your Success

  • Brand Development

    Whether starting from scratch or looking to expand, we’ll help your brand become a major player in the industry.

  • Reduce Waste

    What could you do with an extra thousand dollars, ten thousand dollars, or even $100,000? Our team has the experience and proven record to help you achieve it.

  • Increase Sales

    A great product and a great facility is only the first step. Are sales stagnant? We’ll give your team the jump start it needs and bring in more revenue.

  • Custom Formulas

    Looking to add a new flavor to your line or craft a brand new formula? We can help with the creation, mixing, testing and feedback protocols.

  • FDA Compliance & Validation

    Looking to get your organic certification? Want to make sure your product meets all the regulatory requirements? Need to ensure proper machine validation of the equipment in your facility? Our team is experienced in working with and following FDA guidelines.

  • Lead Generation

    We’ll show you how to obtain new customers and bring in consistent revenue, month after month.

  • Raise Capital

    Do you know the proper way to ask for money and create a sense of excitement in a potential investor? We’ll guide you through the process.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Improve your internet ranking, increase website visits, and garner more views to your product or facility.

  • Earn Rewards & Benefits

    We’ve personally earned more than $50,000 (That’s not a typo) in cash back and FREE travel, simply through the everyday business spending each company does.

Here are just a few of the services available
in your Business Development Analysis

  • Full Auditing

    From top to bottom, we’ll look through all the pieces of your business or organization and see where your strengths and weaknesses are. We’ll help you to build upon the former and start correcting the latter. You won’t have to just wonder or guess on what you’re doing right or wrong. We’ll be that independent party whose only desire is to make you more effective.

  • Cost Reduction Analysis

    You might truly believe you need that database a friend of a friend is trying to sell you. Or you may believe you’ve exhausted every opportunity to cut the budget. We’ll focus specifically on the methods and tools to reduce your expenses, without reducing any of the results or successes. Your company will become faster and lighter while still accomplishing the things it is at present and with the ability to accomplish much more now that you’ll have additional capital to work with.

  • Time Management

    You can always get more money, but you can never get more time. Your time is valuable, finite, and by far your most precious resource. We know that simple tips can give you extra minutes or even hours each day. Work smart, not hard just for the sake of it.

  • Systems & Procedures

    Is your company doing things twice as hard as they need to? Do you have unnecessary duplicate systems in place or are you using old, outdated means to accomplish in 10 hours what it should take only one? We can help you to fix any waste your company may have as well as help you to develop quicker systems that allow you to make more money in less time.

  • Start Your Business & Brand

    Are you starting from scratch or need to boost a new idea? We can help. From graphic design of your label to crafting a new formula. Package selection, taste improvement, creating the website and online store, and officially filing the paperwork to form the business.

  • Compliance & Certfication

    We can help ensure your product’s label claims are sufficient and substantiated. We’ll also work with you to make sure every aspect of your taxes and local, state and federal regulations are properly formed and filed.

  • Staffing & Personnel

    Are you getting the full potential of every single employee or contractor? Perhaps you want to bring on more staff and want to know where to put them. Or maybe you’ve got too many staff and need an outsider’s objective opinion on how to make your company more agile. We’ll sit down with each of your department heads or even each individual staff member to ensure the greatest opportunity for success and growth.

  • A Record of Success

    We’ve performed audits such as these in both formal and informal situations. We’ve saved more than a half million dollars from the budget of the company we most recently supported. That’s a $500,000 savings they’d see each year, without any type of sacrifice in quality of service.

    We also closed the deal with a client off another $500,000 in brand new sales. In only a short window, the client had an additional One Million Dollars that allowed them the ability to reap the benefits for years to come.

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Client Testimonials

Jon: President - Compliance Consulting Firm

It would be difficult to speak more highly of Steve and Austin, especially the high level of hard work and dedication I've observed from them.

I've known and worked with Steve in multiple capacities for more than 15 years and seen his drive firsthand. Though him I met Austin, with whom I've worked along side and hashed out new and exciting projects on a continual basis.

Austin and Steve worked with me to process through a company going through a potential FDA audit. Throughout the entire process I saw firsthand their dedication to a high level of openness and transparency as they made sure to work with me to follow the proper procedure.

Anyone looking for a hardworking team that will not compromise on honesty, integrity, and bringing the highest quality product to the consumer, must absolutely talk with the founders of Co-Pack Connect.

AJ: Realtor

Steve's skills for business development do not only extend to the food/beverage/diet/nutrition industry. Steve saved our company more than $100,000 from our annual budget. That’s a 100k savings we'd see each year, without any type of sacrifice in quality of service.

In fact the service quality and number of programs actually went up! The only thing we lost was the six figures of waste we'd been carrying around for years. Just a few of the steps Steve took included:

Negotiating contracts with outside vendors, switching databases and reporting methods, re-evaluating staff and personnel needs, and stopping small re-occurring charges that were going unnoticed month after month.

Amanda: Market Manager - Brokerage Firm

I've personally worked alongside Steve and Austin and have witnessed their uncanny ability to knock projects out of the park. I've watched them increase revenue, cut expenses, and improve systems for a vitamin and supplement facility. They were able to do this despite the huge obstacles that were constantly being thrown in the way.

Austin has an unparalleled ability to convey sales techniques with honesty, clarity, and with genuine concern for clients and for the future of their brands. His experience in supporting the repair of machines and aiding new brands develop new formulas is second to none. Austin is incredibly talented; his background in architecture makes him a true asset in building efficient companies, brands, facilities, and systems while simultaneously ensuring client satisfaction at all levels.

Steve is an absolute giant when it comes to improving systems and increasing efficiency along aspects of the company. I watched him save HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, (No joke! No exaggeration!) from one company's budget by re-sourcing out raw materials and negotiating the price of ingredients. He is incredible with accounting and numbers – I have never seen anyone so committed to analyzing EVERY line item in order to maximize savings and increase earnings. Steve’s vigorous work ethic, high regard for doing things the right way, and passion for excellence is a rare find in today’s world. He also personally helped me maximize the company spending I was going to be doing anyway, by teaching me a system to utilize the proper credit cards to gain thousands of dollars in cash back and travel points. I used my company spending to take a FREE trip to another country!

It is a real honor for me to have worked with Austin and Steve. I am more than confident that whatever venture these two pursue will be a huge success. I’ve experienced their excellence first hand. They are two of the most capable, effective and intelligent colleagues I have ever had the privilege to work with.

Co-Pack Connect Offers the Following Options for Business Development Analysis

  • Single Virtual Session

    If a single session is all you need, receive top notch instruction from the Co-Pack Connect team in this two hour call or video chat.

  • Retainer Package

    You’ll be walked through a detailed and structured program that provides a 1 hour virtual session every week, for 10 weeks. You’ll also receive priority email support.

  • 3 Day Analysis

    Our on-site analysis includes both Steve and Austin physically coming out to your home or business to help you improve your company. You’ll receive support for 3 full work days.

  • 5 Day Analysis

    Upgrade from our 3 Day Analysis and receive a full business week of support. You’ll get on-site support for 5 full work days.

  • 10 Day Analysis

    Two full work weeks of on-site training, guidance and feedback. This option truly provides time to do a full audit of your systems and operations.

  • One Month Analysis

    A full calendar month of a business audit. We recommend this option if you wish to completely re-brand, fix, or master your company. We also include Quality Control experts as well who will speak with you.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What Aspects Will We Focus On?

A: Anything you want. Whether you're looking to cut down on daily expenses from your brick and mortar business, launch a new brand or company website, or generate more leads and sales, we have the experience and knowledge to help. Just some of the popular subjects we cover with clients are:

• Reducing daily expenses
Ensuring legal and tax compliance
• Quality Assurance and Quality Control
• Building, managing, or improving the company's website
 Properly managing the time of ownership
• Improving Searh Engine Optimization
Maximizing staff time while minimizing overhead
• Researching new vendors and suppliers
• Generating additional sales leads and new customers
• Becoming known as an expert in the field


Q: What if I'm on the Fence about Spending Money?

A:You're on this page because you've identified your brand or business has room to improve. So you've taken the first step, that's good.

Now is the time to invest. Your Business Development Analysis need to be looked at as an investment into your company. From athletes to CEO's to Hollywood actors; those who seek to be top in their field devote their time, money and resources into programs that better them at their craft. It's the same for successful businesses and their owners.

Q: Which Package Do You Recommend?

A: That depends on the issue your company is facing and the time commitment you believe is needed. We believe each client is different and we want to help you select the option right for you. We started Co-Pack Connect to help those in the industry above all else, and it does you no good to be talked into a package you don't need or can't afford.

We offer a 100% free, exploratory call with all interested clients, in which we talk through the options with you. We want you to be comfortable and select the option that best suits your needs. While we strongly believe the one month analysis is the best option and provides the highest level of value, we tailor our service to best meet the needs of our clients. There is no commitment or requirement to move forward by requesting an exploratory call, so please feel comfortable reaching out to us.

Step 1: Request More InformationStep 2: Get Your Free Exploratory Call

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  • Our owners have been featured on CNN, The New York Times, The Huffington Post and Fox Business Network.
  • We've raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal, one on one meetings via donors and capital investors.
  • We've helped companies increase sales and cut expenses by more than a Million Dollars, in the last year alone.
  • Request more information below and we'll send you additional details as well as the prices for the analysis options. There's no obligation to buy by requesting more information.
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What Are You Waiting For?

The largest obstacle to a business performing an analysis is often two fold. First, there is the uneasiness to be open about their concerns with someone they see as a stranger. There is no need to worry as all information shared is strictly confidential. We're here to help you improve your company, not to judge you for some of the things you need to fix.

Second, far too often a business thinks they can do the audit themselves, "Why pay someone else to come in and tell us our problems? We can just do it ourselves... Can't we?..."

Unfortunately for the business though, this almost never happens. Just as an individual may be hesitant to spend a bit of money on personal coaching that can improve their life, remember a business is made up of individuals as well and those individuals may have the same sentiment.

It's much more difficult to realize and correct your own problems when you're so invested in the company and are facing them day after day. They can become commonplace and normal, until one day when you no longer see it as a concern and more of a, "Meh, that's just the way it is. I guess it will be good enough for now."

It's time to change things. Let's start today.

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