Baseball on Independence Day Weekend

Technically the day after. Though it’s hard to argue against a baseball game over the July 4th holiday weekend. So I joined a few friends and set off into Washington DC to watch the Nationals play the Cubs. We arrived a bit late and hadn’t pre-purchased tickets, so we went the scalper route. Four pretty decent seats for $80 sounded good to me. (I got him down to $77).


It had been a while since I’d been to a game and it was great to sit back and take it all in. There was something going every inning, be it a contest, giveaway or t-shirt toss. The 3rd inning is the famous, “President Race” where four people dressed in costumes race around the field. It looks like it’s now five, with the addition of William Howard Taft, (Not sure on how he was chosen.)


Good time, home team won, able to get out in the sun and spend some time with friends.