AJ Bombers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Passing through Milwaukee, some friends and I stopped in for an early dinner. “AJ Bombers” came highly recommended. And it lived up to the hype. The food was excellent and tremendously filling. It’s a burger and fries type place and in a corner spot in Milwaukee, gets a lot of traffic. One creative feature of AJ Bombers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was the “peanut delivery system.”¬†

AJ Bombers in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Peanut Delivery System

A host pours a cup of peanuts in a container attached to an overhead track. Like a train, he pushes it along the track and when it hits the end of the track on the other side of the room, (the wall), the bottom opens up and the peanuts drop into a bin near the customer. It’s fun to watch and worth checking out. If you’re visiting Milwaukee. AJ Bombers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin¬†is a fun stop.