DELETE – Ads, Coupons, Deals & Discounts

This page is devoted solely to ways for you to save money through coupons and discounts. Along the way I’ve run across a number of helpful companies or websites that I’ve used to save money, and I’m presenting them here for you. This page contains links to specifics ads, coupons, deals or discounts, that can be achieved via the link. The links might be related to travel, shopping, business, home goods, or anything else that can save you a few dollars.


Instead of booking an expensive hotel, consider renting someone’s unused bedroom or their entire apartment. I’ve used this service to save a ton. This is the promotional link I’ve received from Use this link to sign up for AirBnB and you’ll save $25 off your first stay.


While I prefer to have a physical copy in my hand whenever possible, more and more people are swearing by the ease and convenience of using kindles, nooks, fires and other tablets or e-readers. carries thousands upon thousands of e-books that are easy to download and currently has a list of just recently reduced titles here.

Express VPN

This “Virtual Private Network” is a must for anyone working on the road, especially while traveling through other countries. Encrypt your internet traffic and protect personal information while using wi-fi spots. I use Express VPN because they have good prices, solid customer service and more options for Google Chromebooks than any of the other VPN’s I’ve found. Use this link to start any subscription and you’ll get one additional month added to your subscription absolutely for free.

Yonder Bound

A start-up marketed to help you make money by booking a hotel and then writing a review. It’s a hotel booking site like any other, but allows you to then write reviews of the place you stayed. If anyone sees your review and books that hotel because of it, you get paid a commission. Sign up for a free account using this link and get an additional $10 in free credit to use toward your first booking.