A Sample Letter I Sent to Customer Service

One of the properties I own has it’s loan through Fidelity Bank in Wichita, Kansas. A few months back I had a question on my loan and called into their main office. I was told the system was down and they’d be unable to pull my record. They suggested I call back the next day when it would be fixed. I did this for four days in a row, each time the system still being down. While my interaction with Fidelity had always been stellar, on the fourth occasion the woman I spoke with seemed to start with the attitude almost immediately.

Upon my asking what the deal was with her treatment of me, her response was, “Would you like to talk to a supervisor?” I didn’t really need to, but the attitude she exhibited was unprofessional so I thought I might as well. I informer her supervisor that I’d be writing a letter of concern to Fidelity about the way I was treated and asking them to ensure their employees act professional to their clients. I’ve otherwise always had an excellent interaction with Fidelity employees so it’s possible the rep I spoke with was just having a rough start to the day. Maybe she just needed a hug.


The way I was treated was not so egregious that I feel it necessary at the moment to list names, so I’ve changed my letter to read Woman #1 and Woman #2. With those changes, below is the actual letter than I sent to Fidelity Bank. Remember when you send letters, either physical or email, to send to multiple departments. That prevents one single person from losing or, “losing” your letter if they don’t want to face the flack from it. I sent my letter to the attention of Supervisor Woman #2, the general customer service department and the Loan and Mortgage Department. Also try to focus only on the facts of what happened. No doubt the customer service rep on the other end is going to remember the conversation differently.


Fidelity Bank
100 E. English
Wichita, KS 67202

Good Morning,

I am writing this letter in reference to my call on Thursday, February 13, 2014. The purpose of my call was related to a question I had about my home loan. I had called in previously on Monday, and was told the system was down and to call back the next day. I did this on Tuesday and was told the same thing. I called again Wednesday and to keep waiting a day and calling back. Each time I believe the conservation with the individual went well, the situation was explained to me, and an apology was made. I do not recall the name of the young woman I spoke to each time, though I do remember it was not Woman #1.

On Thursday, February 13 I called again and reached (Woman #1.) I stated I had a question about my loan. I was once again told the system was down. From there I do not believe I was treated with anywhere near the level of respect I received the first few times.  I believe I was treated rudely and when I pressed for a reason why customer service was treating their customers so poorly I was immediately met with, “Well do you want to talk with a supervisor?” I did not truly have any desire to talk with one, as I understand that technology does fail from time to time. However the flippant way that it came across over the phone, seemed as if Woman #1 couldn’t be bothered with treating me properly. The “talk to a supervisor if you want, see if I care,” attitude that I perceived this as is not the way I believe Fidelity should be treating its clients, and certainly not the way Fidelity has treated me in the past. Quite the opposite I’ve always found Fidelity has treated me exceptionally well each time I have called in with a question or comment.

It is often difficult to truly gauge tone and purpose over the phone, and in re-telling this interaction, my version and tone may different from the way Woman #1 recalls it.  With that in mind however, I do feel that I was most certainly not treated respectfully and I did not feel like Fidelity valued my business via my call with Woman #1. I did eventually speak with a supervisor, a Woman #2 who apologized for the situation. There was nothing more she really could do, be it via the system being down or the previous interaction with Woman #1 She informed me that with the system being down for multiple days they were receiving many calls from frustrated clients. I informed her that I understand systems go down but I was significantly more frustrated with the poor customer service I received and the way I was treated. As the supervisor she did apologize and was helpful in confirming the mailing address for me when I informed her I planned to write a letter of concern on the way I was treated, to the Fidelity Bank corporate office.

While the system being down for many days may certainly lead to clients becoming frustrated with service reps who answer the phone, that is still not an excuse to not exhibit an exceptional attitude. As a business owner I hold my employees and contractors to the highest standard in each and every conversation they hold. In the future, please ensure that representatives who answer the phone are able to treat their clients with a respectful attitude. Thank you for your time.


Steven Bierfeldt