5 Tools of Freedom

The 5 Tools of Freedom

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In my view there are 5 methods we use to value the things in your lives. I call them simply, The 5 Tools of Freedom. By understanding, developing and strengthening these tools, we’ll have more freedom to do the things we want,  spend time with the people we desire, and achieve the goals we dream about.

Similarly connected, but not the same, are what I call the 5 aspects of your life aka the 5 values of your life. These are the aspects or categories we value about our life. These are mental, financial, physical spiritual and experiential. Read the post I wrote about it here.

We use the tools to build, repair or improve upon the aspects we value.  The tools we use and the aspects of our lives we value are intertwined. With all five of the tools being able to improve upon all five of the values.

Take a look below to see a practical example of how each tool can be used to improve upon an aspect of your life


How Each Tool of Freedom Can Strengthen Each Aspect of Your Life


  • Money Freedom – Strengthens the Aspects of:

    Mental: More money allows you to invest in trainings, classes or materials to learn a new skill

    Financial: Obvious. Get a handle on your money and reap the financial benefit of having more money

    Physical: Good food, gym memberships and sports equipment costs money

    Spiritual: The more money you have the more you can give to the churches, causes or charities that are important to you

    Experiential: That concert, festival or vacation spot is going to cost something

  • Time Freedom – Strengthens the Aspects of:

    Mental: More time allows you to focus on those new desires. It’s hard learn to speak another language if you’re forced to spend 15 hours a day at the office.

    Financial: All our jobs have us trading time for dollars. You can always get more money, but you can never get more time

    Physical: “I just don’t have the time to go to the gym…” should be an excuse of the past

    Spiritual: Your life on this earth is now about five seconds shorter than when you  started this sentence. Master time and you’ll be fulfilled each day

    Experiential: Pretty difficult to take that dream vacation if the boss only let’s you take a week vacation and makes you check email each day.

  • Location Freedom – Strengthens the Aspects of:

    Mental: That commute each day weighs on us all. Whether it’s working from home or setting up your own business so you can work anywhere in the world, location freedom will put your mind at ease.

    Financial: Move to a state with a lower tax bracket, or heck even a country. Free up your location and better finances may just follow.

    Physical: Everyone I’ve ever met agreed, “Steve you’re doing it right, travel when you’re young.” Free yourself from location dependence now and enjoy the world before you’re 70.

    Spiritual: Volunteer at the clinic, go on a missions trip or finally witness that gorgeous sunset you’ve seen in magazines. Do the things that make you feel whole.

    Experiential: Life is meant to be lived. Place a value on experiencing everything it has to offer by seeing the world and all the locations it has to offer.

  • Health Freedom – Strengthens the Aspects of:

    Mental: The health of your mind or psyche is just as important as the health of your body. Most everyone today seems to be stressed about something. Get a handle on your health and your mind will thank you.

    Financial: Ask anyone who is elderly and has problems how they wish they should have treated their bodies. Mastering your health now will cost a whole lot less money than operations and constant prescriptions years from now.

    Physical: Simple. Take control of your health and your body will thank you. You’ll look and feel better right away.

    Spiritual: Mind, body and soul all make up your health. And whether you believe good health is a blessing or an opportunity, the healthier you are and the longer you live, the more opportunity you have to do the things that strengthen your psyche and spirituality.

    Experiential: Take poor care of yourself and you might not be able to walk up the steps to get onto the airplane to go to Europe, much less walk across Europe.

  • Confidence Freedom – Strengthens the Aspects of:

    Mental: Everyone wants to be around confident people. More confidence leads to more opportunities and the ability to know you can do whatever you set your mind to.

    Financial: Want that better job or that new promotion? You guy who stutters through the interview and says he “thinks he might be a good fit” is last on the list for a call back.

    Physical: Everyone wants to look good for the opposite sex. It’s okay to admit it. Master your confidence and it will push you to improve on the outward appearance.

    Spiritual: At some point your life on this earth will end. Whichever path you choose, at least spend a moment or two being confident of the choices you’ve made.

    Experiential: Try new things, visit different countries or understand foreign concepts. Your confidence will allow you to better appreciate all the new experiences in your life.